Acoustical Experience: Broadcast and Film Studios

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  • Broadcast & Film Acoustics

About This Project

BKL Consultants Ltd has a wealth of experience with the integrated acoustical design of radio studios, tv studios and film studios, and has played an integral role in the following notable projects:



Television Studios


CBC Regional Broadcasting Centre

Vancouver, BC
Sound isolation, ventilation noise control and room acoustics for radio and TV broadcasting studios and editing suites. Design of building envelope to control traffic noise ingress.



Vancouver, BC
Built in an existing building on downtown intersection. Special double glass exterior wall permits passers-by to view activity within the studio.


Knowledge Network

Burnaby, BC
Acoustical design for TV and audio production facility, including TV studios, audio suites, audio & video post-production and master control.


Global News

Burnaby, BC
Acoustic design of news studio, control and production area, Studio 1, 16-track audio studio, VTR room and noise isolation of rooftop heli-pad.



Victoria, BC
Comprehensive acoustical design including noise isolation, mechanical noise control and room acoustics for this free-standing production complex embracing audio and TV studios and news studios.



Radio Studios


CHQR Radio Station

Calgary, AB
Acoustical design of commercial radio station in downtown office tower. Designed to achieve high noise isolation between studios and to office space on floors above and below.


CKRC/CHZZ Radio Station

Winnipeg, MB
Acoustical design package for radio station in high-rise office building. Included noise isolation of studios from traffic and adjacent tenants, and innovative light weight floating floor and curtain wall system design.


CFRO Co-op Radio

Vancouver, BC
Acoustics, noise isolation and quiet ventilation system design for music and voice studios and control room for a new Vancouver Co-op Radio facility in a renovated heritage downtown eastside hotel.



Film Production Studios


The Bridge Studios

Burnaby, BC
Acoustic design of converted disused industrial facility to a 40,000 sq.ft. effects stage and three 12,000 sq.ft. sound stages on the historic Dominion Bridge property. Included wall and roof design for isolation of railway noise, isolation between sound stages, room acoustics for the sound stages, and isolation of production offices from the effects stage.
Noise isolation design for separation of two later sound stages for MGM productions. Design of mitigating measures for a new elevated LRT route.


North Shore Film Studios

North Vancouver, BC
Room acoustics, facade noise isolation and quiet ventilation system design and testing for 10,000 sq.ft. Sound Stage 6.


Vancouver Film Studios

Vancouver, BC
Room acoustics, noise separation and quiet ventilation system design for three side-by-side sound stages of tilt-up concrete slab construction in a major movie production facility. Facade design to attenuate SkyTrain, freight train and freeway noise from adjacent transportation corridor.


Eagle Creek Film Studios

Burnaby, BC
Room acoustics and noise isolation of two adjacent sound stages within commercial production facility. Control of ventilation noise, design of building envelope to attenuate railway noise.



Recording Studios


Sharpe Sound Studios

North Vancouver, BC
Acoustic design and diagnostics for a replacement ventilation system serving sound and scoring stages and a Foley stage for a major audio post production facility, to achieve a very stringent NC 5 noise criterion.


Institute of Computing, Information & Cognitive Systems, University of BC

Vancouver, BC
Acoustical design, including noise isolation, room acoustics and HVAC noise control for a sound recording suite (control, studio/presentation space, and isolation booth) for production of music recordings and sound fields for perception and virtual reality research projects.

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