Acoustical Experience: Colleges and Universities

About This Project

Excellent listening conditions for both students and lecturers are essential to a successfully functioning educational facility. Each project demands the application of virtually all facets of the firm’s services from acoustics of performance spaces through noise and vibration control of mechanical equipment.


University of Northern British Columbia

Prince George, BC
Interior acoustics and HVAC noise and vibration control for the entire campus including the Administration Building, Laboratory Building, Agora, Conference Centre, Student Residences and Central Plant.


University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC
Many projects including: Renovation of the 500 seat Hebb Lecture Theatre which resulted in a major improvement in speech intelligibility in UBC’s largest theatre; acoustical design of the Scarfe Education Library; acoustical and noise isolation design for the Forest Sciences Faculty Building, including several large lecture theatres; room acoustical design for the Instructional Resources Centre; acoustic isolation for student residence building; acoustical design services for ICICS/CS Building.


Grant McEwan College

Edmonton, Alberta
Noise isolation, mechanical noise control and room acoustics for a 400 seat theatre, three dance studios, one theatre lab, one large music rehearsal hall, several music rooms, and complete design for the sound recording studio.


Lakeland College

Lloydminster and Vermillion, Alberta
Complete acoustical design including classrooms, lecture theatre, meeting room, laboratory, and office privacy; room geometry and finish design for the lecture theatres, cafeteria, gymnasium and learning resource centre, and mechanical and electrical systems.


Douglas College

New Westminster, BC
Acoustics of 500 seat theatre, lecture halls and music performance spaces, mechanical system noise, etc.


Grande Prairie Regional College Auditorium

Grande Prairie, Alberta
Noise isolation, mechanical noise control and room acoustics for this 600 seat auditorium.


University of Victoria Theatre Building

Victoria, BC
Room acoustics and noise control for a 200 seat theatre, a 200 seat thrust theatre, and a studio theatre.


Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, BC
Interior acoustics and HVAC noise and vibration control for the East and West Mall Lecture Theatres, Policy Rooms and Classrooms.


Timms Centre For The Arts, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta
Comprehensive acoustical consultation for room acoustics, noise isolation, HVAC noise control and sound reinforcement and production communications systems design for theatre complex incorporating a 350 seat proscenium theatre, a studio (black-box) theatre, extensive rehearsal and support spaces for the Theatre Faculty at U. of A.


Alberta College Music School

Edmonton, Alberta
Acoustics and noise isolation of music recital hall and numerous practice spaces plus review of HVAC noise control.


University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture

Saskatoon, SK
Comprehensive acoustical consulting service for this state of the art 400,000 sq. ft. building incorporating teaching and research labs, pilot plant, faculty offices and a six storey high atrium space.













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