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About This Project

We have worked with the Port of Vancouver and its tenants on numerous projects. Our experience includes baseline, construction and post-construction noise and vibration monitoring programs, comprehensive noise modelling, vibration prediction and impact assessment to recognized standards, the design of noise and vibration controls for both the workplace and the community, and public engagement.



Port of Vancouver Noise Monitoring Program

BKL is currently working with the Port to manage their permanent noise monitoring terminals (NMTs). This includes analysis of trends, events and reporting. Previously, BKL helped select appropriate NMT locations along the new Low Level Road, including one temporary location during construction. Detailed analyses were performed at each site to determine automatic triggers that could be set during implementation phase.


Port of Vancouver Noise & Nuisance Management and Monitoring Plans

In partnership with the Port’s environment and communications staff, BKL developed two comprehensive guidelines to help the Port manage noise and nuisances in its four major trade areas. Included in-person interviews with Port tenants to better understand Port operations and constraints.


Richardson Terminal Grain Storage Project

North Vancouver, BC
Included extended baseline noise monitoring program, detailed noise source measurements and analyses, detailed Cadna/A model development, analysis of noise mitigation alternatives, extensive reporting and public consultation to support environmental permit application.


Neptune Bulk Terminals (NBT) Improvements Project

North Vancouver, BC
Comprehensive noise source measurements, Cadna/A model and noise impact assessment to cover environmental permit applications for three major NBT projects.


Low Level Road Project

North Vancouver, BC
Preliminary and detailed design, environmental noise and vibration impact assessments and noise mitigation design for road and rail project. Included baseline monitoring, detailed Cadna/A computer modelling to assess impacts at 100+ residences and to design noise mitigation, and extensive public consultation.


Philip Avenue Overpass

North Vancouver, BC
Noise assessment for new overpass eliminating train whistling. Noise barrier design for shunting yard using Cadna/A and sound source height determination using Norsonic 848 Acoustic Camera system.


Schnitzer Metal Shredder Project

Surrey, BC
Detailed noise source and noise receiver measurements, Cadna/A model development, noise impact assessment and noise mitigation recommendations for environmental permit application. Postconstruction noise monitoring showed that resulting noise levels achieved goals and did not exceed predicted levels.


Cascadia Grain Terminals

Vancouver, BC
Comprehensive noise and vibration survey performed in mill with noise management plan provided and vibration controls recommended to reduce whole body vibration. Noise diagnostics and mitigation provided for fan/blower using FFT to identify problem unit and reduce tone in community.


Deltaport Terminal Road & Rail Improvement Project

Delta, BC
Noise and vibration assessment of upgraded road and rail infrastructure for CEAA permit application. Included extensive noise and vibration monitoring (up to 14 days) at sensitive receptors, construction and operations noise and vibration prediction, effects assessments and public consultation.


South Shore Corridor Improvement Project

Vancouver, BC
Road and rail noise impact assessment at 100+ residences due to increased traffic with new overpass and track expansion, with baseline monitoring and Cadna/A modelling.


Monitoring and Assessment of Noise from Alarms at VanTerm

Vancouver, BC
In response to residents’ complaints, BKL performed attended and unattended measurements on both sides of Burrard Inlet to rate alarm noise. Truck cab measurements were performed and a Cadna/A model was developed to investigate noise control options while addressing safety concerns.


Lafarge Canada

Vancouver, BC
Noise assessment of waterfront sites proposed for concrete batch plant using detailed noise source measurements, community baseline measurements and detailed predictions using a Cadna/A noise model.


Deltaport Container Terminal 3rd Berth Project

Delta, BC
BCEAA/CEAA Review for the proposed 3rd Berth. Noise monitoring undertaken and noise impacts from construction and operation of the proposed 3rd Berth were predicted. BKL participated in public consultation and preparation of the EA report for submission to regulatory agencies.


YVR Fuelling Facility Noise Impact Assessment

Richmond, BC
BKL assessed potential noise impacts from a proposed berth, fuel transfer facilities and pipeline to be built on the Fraser River in Richmond and helped to prepare the noise component of the Canada Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) certificate application.


Construction Noise Monitoring for Deltaport 3rd Berth Project

Tsawwassen, BC
BKL was retained by the Port to conduct four weeks of continuous noise monitoring with monitors located both in Tsawwassen and at the container terminal for the purpose of investigating residents’ complaints of noise from dredging. The study included interviews and meeting with complainants, tracking of ship movements and weather conditions and analysis of noise measurement data, including recorded audio files.


Monitoring and Assessment of Noise from Alarms at Centerm

Vancouver, BC
BKL was retained by the Port in response to complaints by residents adjacent to Centerm of excessive noise from equipment alarms. Unattended noise monitors were set up to record both noise data and audio files, which permitted identification and assessment of alarm and other terminal noise.


Monitoring & Assessment of Noise from Shipboard Generators at Deltaport

Tsawwassen, BC
In response to complaints from Tsawwassen residents of low frequency noise from shipboard generators at Deltaport, BKL was retained by Terminal Systems Incorporated (TSI) to investigate the problem. BKL carried out several weeks of noise monitoring at a beach-side residence in Tsawwassen and instructed a TSI staff member on how to measure the near-field noise emitted from all visiting ships throughout the monitoring period. Results were then correlated according to time and frequency spectra.


Measurement of Noise from Log Barge at Fraser Surrey Docks

Surrey, BC
BKL was retained by the Fraser River Port Authority to carry out noise measurements in neighbouring New Westminster and Surrey to determine whether or not noise from a crane unloading logs was exceeding the limits of noise bylaws in those municipalities.


Assessment of Community Noise Complaints Adjacent to MacMillan Fisheries

Vancouver, BC
Complaints from the 2200 block of McGill Avenue had been attributed to operation of fork lifts and other vehicles plus backup alarms at MacMillan Fisheries. The study carried out by BKL involved unattended noise monitoring at one residence, supplemented by short term measurements at other locations. Noise sources were identified with the aid of recorded audio files and noise from MacMillan Fisheries was assessed relative to the Vancouver City noise bylaw and other criteria.


Fraser Surrey Docks Noise Monitoring and Mitigation Study

Surrey, BC
BKL was retained by the Port to assist with a baseline noise study centred around the port. Objectives were to assess noise levels at complainant locations and to provide material for a public relations initiative. The Port hired a summer university student to carry out some of this work and BKL was responsible for his training and supervision, reviewing his results and conclusions, and assisting him in preparing a final report.

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