Forest Borch

Forest Borch graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015 and holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. During his internships he worked in acoustics as a research assistant at the University of Munich and with BKL in an eight-month co-op position.


Forest joined BKL full-time in September of 2015 and has worked primarily in the area of environmental acoustics and residential site studies. These studies include on-site measurement of environmental noise sources such as road, SkyTrain and rail traffic, and industrial noise.


Forest’s experience also includes the modelling of composite walls and floors to determine their STC and IIC values. He is proficient at performing on-site testing of these parameters in accordance with ASTM standards. In addition, Forest is experienced in the installation, monitoring and analysis of large-scale vibration monitoring systems.


Forest is familiar performing field measurements with Brüel & Kjær and Larson Davis sound level meters, Norsonic acoustic cameras and Soundbook sound analyzers. He is also proficient using acoustics software (Cadna/A, SONarchitect ISO, and Insul) to analyze noise and vibration.