Tiberiu Spulber

M.Sc., P.Eng


Tiberiu Spulber started working in the field of acoustics in 2001, after a long career in the HVAC systems design field. His expertise includes architectural acoustics, mechanical noise control, environmental noise control, and vibration analysis and control.


A selection of Tiberiu’s experience includes modelling and designing the acoustics for classrooms, boardrooms, worship spaces, theatre and performance spaces, auditoria, and sport facilities. He has conducted hundreds of acoustical field measurements of sound and vibration levels.


He has expertise in investigating noise problems in existing buildings and designing solutions to mitigate them as well as providing design recommendations for new buildings to meet the required noise criteria. He has been involved in projects for a wide variety of clients in various fields such as institutional, educational, industrial / commercial, residential, arts, sports, etc.


Tiberiu has a particular interest in modelling indoor and outdoor sound transmission. He is also interested in the measurement of structure-borne noise in condominium buildings in correlation with the vibration levels in the building structure.