Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical EquipmentHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, electrical distribution systems, plumbing systems and lift or conveyance systems are often major noise and vibration sources in buildings. This is an issue in many types of buildings, including:


  • industrial buildings
  • institutions
  • hospitality and convention facilities
  • large and small residential complexes
  • live theatre spaces
  • cinemas
  • studios
  • recreation facilities


The wide range of hiss, rumble, buzz, clicks, thumps and shaking produced by these systems can range from mildly irritating to completely distracting.


Control of airborne and structure-borne noise and vibration is a critical component of successful building design. We prefer to provide input during the mechanical system and building services design stage to ensure that the noise and vibration control measures are in place on opening day. Where we are not involved during the design stage, we are often asked to provide the design of corrective measures to eliminate noise problems that are discovered once the building is in operation.


Many of the noise and vibration problems are related to errors during construction or installation. One of the most valuable services we perform are site inspections during construction. These are a cost-effective method of preventing problems caused by improper installation of noise control elements, and can save the general contractor and building owner thousands of dollars in repair, or retro-fitting of noise control elements after the project completion.