Envir. Noise and Vibration Assessments

We have participated in environmental noise and vibration assessments (EIS, EIA, EA) for:


We have also conducted assessments of bridge and overpass construction, truck and rail cargo terminals, automobile and go-kart racing facilities, shooting range construction and use, entertainment facilities, major construction projects such as hospitals, helicopter ambulance landing pad construction and major industrial plant construction, including pulp and paper mills, saw mills, and refineries. We have the personnel and equipment to handle large scale projects which may involve simultaneous monitoring of noise levels at several sites over a period of many weeks. We also use predictive computer software to evaluate the expected sound levels in situations where the site cannot yet be measured directly. Our years of experience in the field of environmental noise studies gives us the edge in being able to deliver thorough and accurate environmental assessment, that will withstand the scrutiny of governing and regulatory bodies.


For information on our experience on environmental projects we recommend that you download our Environmental Assessment Acoustical Experience Data Sheet.