Broadcast, Recording, and Film Studio Acoustics

broadcast, recording, and film studio acoustics

Broadcast, Recording, and Film Studio Acoustics

Every successful radio, television, or film studio provides an environment where voices are reproduced to exacting standards—without interference from unwanted external or internal noise sources. How is this possible? Through acoustical design.

Studio Acoustics

Whether you are building a new studio, renovating, or converting an existing structure into a sound stage, excellent sound quality and room acoustics are fundamental to the space’s effectiveness. Through the years, we’ve consulted on a variety of broadcast and film studio projects and understand how to thoughtfully implement the following acoustical design factors:

Noise Isolation

Quietness is the single most important design element for broadcasting and recording studios. Noise from sources external to the building—such as aircraft, trains, and road traffic—and noise from adjacent spaces of both similar and dissimilar use, must be adequately controlled. We can provide acoustical design advice on the complete noise isolation of a studio, including isolated walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows.

Ambient Noise Control

Ambient noise within studios must be kept at very low levels. Primarily, this means silencing air supply and exhaust systems, limiting air velocity in ducts, and selecting low-noise grilles and diffusers. Further, structure-borne noise sources such as mechanical equipment, elevators, and plumbing must also be controlled.

Reverberation Control

Controlling reverberation is critical for every studio project. From the construction phase all the way to final finishings, we can design room acoustics that support bass response and balance room decay. We do this by selecting the right sound diffusing and absorbing surfaces. We also provide guidance on relative room dimensions and controlling reflections that can degrade the sound quality and imaging of the control room monitors. Even lights, dimmer switches, and power supplies must be selected carefully, as they can generate low-level hum or whines that are audible in an ultra-quiet studio.

On-Site Services

We also provide site inspection services to ensure that acoustical design elements are implemented correctly. This is an important aspect of studio construction. Many acoustically critical construction and assembly details can sometimes be overlooked if there are no acousticians on site.


Acoustical Consulting for Broadcast and Film Studios

For over 50 years, we have provided an integrated package of sound isolation, noise control, and room acoustics for private and public broadcast and recording studios, as well as TV and film sound stages throughout Western Canada.

Our proven design team has the multi-disciplinary expertise to bring you the best possible acoustical design for new construction or renovation of your studio. Get in touch with us today to learn more about studio acoustics.

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