Instrumentation and Software

BKL owns and maintains more than 25 sound and vibration monitors.

Sound and vibration instrumentation

  • Sinus Soundbook 8-channel Noise and Vibration Analyzer and Type 1 Sound Level Meter
  • 01dB DUO Smart Noise Monitors
  • Bruel & Kjaer Type 2250 and 2270 Type 1 Sound Analyzers
  • Larson Davis 824 Type 1 Sound Analyzer
  • Larson Davis 820 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
  • BARTEC SYSCOM MR3000 Triaxial Vibration Monitors
  • Renkus-Heinz EASERA (Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analysis) 2-channel Analyzer
  • Renkus-Heinz SysTune 2-channel Analyzer
  • Sigicom INFRA C22
  • ACOEM Orion
  • ACOEM Fusion

Associated equipment

Bruel & Kjaer pistonphone and speakerphone Calibrators

Shakers for Accelerometer Calibration or Vibration Assessment

Environmental kits for sound level meters

Meggitt Wilcoxin ultra-quiet, ultra low frequency 10V/g seismic Accelerometer

PCB 1V/g tri-axial Accelerometers

1/2″ Free-field GRAS 40AZ microphones for Infrasound Measurements

Bruel & Kjaer Hydrophone for Underwater Noise Monitoring

Monarch Laser Tachometer for Order Analysis

Wireless Modems for Remote Monitoring and Reporting

Wireless microphone transmitter/receivers

Additional equipment complements our sound and vibration instrumentation

  • Environmental weather stations, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation sensors
  • Sound sources (e.g. JBL EON series powered monitors, calibrated reference sound source)
  • Leica DISTO laser distance meters
  • Radar gun
  • Tapping machine

Additional equipment is rented as necessary, such as Norsonic Nor848 Acoustic Camera (beamforming instrumentation), additional sound level meters or accelerometers, 1/4″ microphones, etc.

Acoustics Software

We own and maintain a lot of specialized acoustics-related software, in addition to our numerous in-house developed MATLAB programs and spreadsheets, to assist with our Sound and Vibration Predictions.

Cadna/A Cross Section Noise Grids
Cadna/A Cross Section Noise Grids
Cadna/A Loading Bay Noise Modelling
Cadna/A Loading Bay Noise Modelling
Odeon Room Acoustics Model
Odeon Room Acoustics Model
SONArchitect Building Model
SONArchitect Building Model
Environmental Noise

  • DataKustik Cadna/A outdoor noise modelling software
  • Pemard Olive Tree Lab Terrain 3-D noise barrier modelling software
  • FAA INM airport, aircraft and helicopter noise modelling software
  • Transport Canada NEF airport noise modelling software

Room Acoustics

  • Odeon room acoustics modelling software
  • EASE room acoustics modelling software
  • NRC Canada COPECalc open office acoustics modelling software

Building Acoustics

  • Sound of Numbers SONArchitect sound insulation calculation software to ISO 15712
  • NRC Canada IBANA aircraft noise insulation calculation software
  • Potorff AIM HVAC & mechanical noise calculation software
  • Marshall Day INSUL transmission loss modelling software
  • Marshall Day ZORBA absorption coefficient modelling software

Measurement Analysis

  • Bruel & Kjaer Pulse Reflex and Measurement Partner Suite measurement analysis software
  • 01dB dBTrait measurement analysis software
  • Sinus SAMURAI measurement analysis software
  • In-house developed programs