BKL Has Another P.Eng.!

Brigette Martin, P.Eng. - BKL Consultants

BKL Has Another P.Eng.!

It’s official! BKL is proud to share that Brigette Martin earned her professional engineering licence from Engineers and Geoscientists BC in July 2018.

The road to a P.Eng. is no walk in the park. Some of the requirements for this designation include condensing years of experience into a 34-component competency assessment and completing an exam with over 100 multiple-choice questions and a writing component.

With that said, Brigette has some advice for those on their way to getting the official seal:

“Register as early as you possibly can.”

Why wait? The earlier you register as an Engineer in Training (EIT), the sooner you can get going on the path to your P.Eng. Details for registration to Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia can be found here.

“Plan your work and work your plan.”

The “due today, do today” mentality won’t work with getting your P.Eng. Once you become an EIT, it’s helpful to set milestones for completing your competency assessment. Whether you dive deep one Saturday morning a month (rain or shine) or chip away every week, find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

“Don’t forget the Law and Ethics Seminar!”

This online seminar is one of the requirements for official professional registration. With lots of information on supplemental information on quality management and regulatory compliance, doing the seminar early can further provide you with the advantage of comprehensively writing your competency assessment. You can access the seminar on Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia’s website.

“International? Read the assigned books!”

If you did your engineering studies outside of Canada, chances are high that you’re used to different jargon. Comb through the assigned books and familiarize yourself with BC standards and terminology.

“Have an accountability buddy!”

Need motivation? It might be helpful to have someone going through a similar situation check in on your progress and make sure you’re not bingeing on Netflix. Your buddy doesn’t have to be a fellow soon-to-be P.Eng.; as long as they’re driven and set on achieving a goal, they can help you stay on task.

“Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!”

With an accountability buddy, you’ve got one person as a sounding board! Now create a network of sounding boards—of mentors and colleagues—people who can give you feedback, particularly on your competence assessments.

Brigette has been part of the acoustical industry since 2009, with her career taking her from New Zealand to Australia and then Vancouver. Brigette joined BKL in 2015 and has since championed many projects spanning multiple sectors, from energy to transportation.

Again, congratulations on your success, Brigette! BKL is proud of you!

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