Kenric Van Wyk: 1966–2017

kenric van wyk

Kenric Van Wyk: 1966–2017

Kenric Van Wyk (left) with his wife, Carol, and BKL acousticians Vincent Lau and Ken Bell, 1992

Kenric Van Wyk came to work for Barron Kennedy Lyzun & Associates Ltd. just before Christmas in 1991. The firm was growing as a result of its merger in 1988 and was looking for qualified staff with star potential. Kenric fit the bill. He had completed his master’s in acoustical engineering at Purdue University and came to us seeking the practical knowledge and experience that would balance out his college training. After a brief stay in North Vancouver, Kenric and his wife, Carol, settled in Coquitlam to be close to their church. Kenric and Carol started their family in Coquitlam with the birth of their son, Caleb.

At BKL, Kenric absorbed practical acoustics like a sponge, working on many projects including church acoustics, multi-family development acoustics, industrial acoustics and transportation acoustics. Working with me, he carried out an acoustical analysis on the community noise impact of the Vancouver SkyTrain Millennium line, and we worked together on a number of the noise and vibration issues associated with the construction of the line.

In 1999, the call of family became too great, and Kenric and Carol returned to Michigan, closer to their extended families. Kenric kept in touch with his friends in Vancouver, coming back for several visits, and at the beginning of his US career, he would regularly call me and other colleagues at BKL to discuss projects and get some friendly advice.

We are very sorry to lose Kenric, a BKL alumnus, and a friend.

Doug Whicker

Learn more about Kenric’s life and career by reading this tribute on his firm’s website.

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