More New Acousticians

More New Acousticians

We are very happy to introduce Jessica Carolina (left), Ehsan Mehr (center), and Maryam Foroughi (right) — the latest acoustical professionals to join our team.

Our new consultants have been hard at work for a few months now, but we would like to share a glimpse into their backgrounds and discover why they wanted to work in acoustics.


As a child I was often in the care of my grandmother. While she was always fun to be with, she had poor hearing, like many seniors. It was often difficult to communicate with her, particularly in the larger rooms of our family home that had hard gypsum or marble surfaces.

Through my education in architectural technology and later building engineering, I gained a better understanding of how sound reflection and absorption can be optimized to improve the understanding of speech and sound clarity for people with hearing impairment. Therefore, I am passionate about good acoustical design and comfort so that everyone can experience the joy of understanding.


The vibrations and sounds of the objects around me piqued my curiosity at a young age. When I began learning music, experiencing sound became even more satisfying.

At school, I studied acoustics, and structural dynamics among other topics, and, for three years, I worked as a research assistant in the Dynamics and Applied Mechanics Lab at UBC. Before joining BKL, I worked for 4.5 years on robotics, computer vision, and welding automation, but my passion for acoustics has brought me here.
It makes me happy to apply my knowledge and expertise to the measurement, analysis, modelling, and prediction of noise and vibration in projects of such enormous scale and impact. I also embrace the responsibility of designing good acoustics and noise control for the health and safety of the public, and wildlife.


I never thought I would become an acoustician. I came from architectural engineering and always imagined myself becoming an architectural engineer. In 2019 I went to BCIT to study building science and met Dr. Maureen Connelly, who introduced me to building acoustics. After pursuing the field for two years I decided to commit to a career in building acoustics. It is a career that supports the well-being of the community, and knowing my work positively impacts the community is a great feeling.

Welcome to BKL

All of us at BKL are pleased to welcome Maryam, Ehsan, and Jessica to our team, which, right now includes over 20 acoustical engineers and consultants. We plan to continue to grow our team and build our capacity to serve clients and take on a wide variety of projects across different sectors.

We believe that BKL offers an excellent pathway into acoustics. We’ve established a culture of mentorship and career development, where young, talented professionals can gain experience and apply their knowledge. If you want to learn more about career opportunities at BKL, visit our Careers page.



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