New Acousticians!

New Acousticians!

Taking on a growing number of exciting projects, BKL has hired four new acousticians since January. With these specialists onboard, the company can continue to deliver the highest quality consulting services to every client on every project. From long-term environmental assessments to noise complaint investigations and testing, BKL is committed to providing the best to its clients, and with four additional acousticians, BKL has the personnel to take on any project in any sector.

Meet the new team members:

Henk de Haan

Practicing as an acoustical consultant since 1990, Henk joins BKL with extensive experience performing environmental assessments, developing noise policy, designing architectural acoustics, consulting on noise mitigation design, providing expert witness testimony, and conducting acoustical studies for major infrastructure developments and environmental impact assessments.

During his 28-year career, Henk has consulted on projects across an array of sectors including highway, rail, and air, as well as industrial, port, mixed-use, energy, oil and gas, and mining.

Henk enjoys working with clients, designers, and regulatory bodies to ensure projects align with sustainability principles, and he often liaises with other acoustical engineers, planning consultants, architects, and environmental project managers. He has presented at conferences on environmental noise prediction and assessment (transportation, wind energy) and sound management in planning.

A professional engineer registered with the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) and the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, Henk is also a board-certified member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA), and a member of both the Acoustical Society of America and Canadian Acoustical Association.

Nick Dobbs

Nick began practicing as an acoustical consultant in London, UK, in 2010, working predominately in the field of building acoustics, assessing, reviewing, and testing construction details for mixed-use developments and building conversions, as well as undertaking noise impact assessments for pubs, clubs, theatres, and music venues.

On a working holiday in Canada in 2014, Nick joined BKL on a one-year contract. During this period, he conducted a number of field measurements for the commissioning of the Highway 1 expansion project. He also took noise measurements at numerous port and industrial facilities.

Nick returned to the UK in 2015, joining a multi-disciplinary engineering firm in Bristol, where he consulted on a variety of both public- and private-sector projects. Throughout his career, Nick has performed numerous sound insulation tests, environmental noise and vibration field measurements, and noise-at-work assessments.

After obtaining his permanent residency in Canada, Nick returned to BKL in July 2018.

Nick holds a bachelor of science in creative music and sound technology from Leeds Metropolitan University and a diploma in acoustics and noise control engineering from the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). He is a member of the UK Institute of Acoustics (MIOA).

David Stepanavicius

Bringing his experience in architectural, environmental, industrial, and musical acoustics, David joined BKL in 2018 after working as an acoustical consultant in Australia since 2016.

David’s work has covered a range of sectors including residential, commercial, healthcare, education, and recreation. In addition, David has conducted psychoacoustic research with multichannel electroacoustic reproduction, through which he has acquired a strong understanding of objective and subjective analysis of noise and vibration. He has presented at various acoustic conferences and universities abroad.

David is proficient with a variety of measurement instrumentation and prediction tools, and enjoys integrating his technical capabilities with his background in audio production.

He graduated from the University of Sydney with a master of architectural science in audio and acoustics.

Eduardo Stehling

Since January 2018, when he joined BKL, Eduardo has worked on a variety of projects, including many new residential buildings. For such projects, he has analyzed the acoustical capabilities of wall and floor/ceiling assemblies and assessed the potential for noise to transmit between suites, or from the outdoor environment. He has experience taking and analyzing acoustical measurements and is familiar with a range of instruments and software.

Eduardo Stehling holds a master of applied science from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in building science with a research focus on building acoustics. During his studies, which he completed in 2017, Eduardo evaluated the sound transmission loss of split insulated rainscreen cavity wood frame wall assemblies.

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