Organizational Quality Management Certification

Organizational Quality Management Certification

BKL is proud to announce its certification through APEGBC’s Organizational Quality Management Program (OQM). This certification, which formally recognizes BKL’s ongoing commitments to ensuring top-notch individual and company-wide professional practices, came into effect on January 2, 2015. BKL is currently the only OQM-certified acoustical consulting firm.


BKL OQM Certified Acoustics


“We’ve always worked hard to offer professional, high-quality services to our clients,” says Mark Bliss, P.Eng., a Partner and Senior Consultant at BKL, “but OQM brings the highest level of assurance to our clients. The program integrates with our in-house procedures, helping us do our absolute best to serve our clients and meet industry best practices.”


An OQM certification means that BKL has developed an internal quality assurance program that meets APEGBC’s professional practice requirements on an organizational level. Specifically, OQM certification demonstrates that BKL has established APEGBC-recognized procedures for:


  • upholding professional guidelines and governing bylaws;
  • assuring proper file management and project documentation;
  • appropriate use of APEGBC seal;
  • supervising delegated work;
  • conducting field reviews; and
  • performing quality reviews during the course of a project, which highlights, among other things, BKL’s approach in reviewing calculations—from simple Excel files to complex Cadna/A noise models.


“With OQM certification,” says Bliss, “our team can confidently work toward achieving project goals and meeting client expectations. OQM certification expresses the fact that our policies and procedures are designed to ensure a high level of quality while consistently adhering to local bylaws, the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, and APEGBC’s Professional Practice Guidelines.”


A complete list of OQM certified firms is available on APEGBC’s website.

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