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Trucking noise-related projects have included modelling of future noise impact from proposed alignments, design and specification of roadside barriers, area-wide noise monitoring programs, development and implementation of legislation and testing procedures. The following are selected examples of relevant project experience involving noise from truck traffic:


Highway 1/99 Brake Check

West Vancouver, BC
Noise impact assessment plus evaluation of mitigation options for noise created at new brake check from truck engine compression braking (i.e., Jake brakes), brake air release and acceleration. Noise wall options were modelled using Cadna/A to compare the benefits at neighbourhood locations for the three types of noise.


Davidson Mine

Smithers, BC
Performed the noise impact assessment on a new underground molybdenum mine near Smithers, BC. The most significant potential noise impact was from a new haul route that would pass near the community; an increase in highway truck traffic was also assessed. Both construction and operation phases were assessed with noise contours calculated using Cadna/A.


Cleveland Dam Seepage Control Project

North Vancouver, BC
This large construction project had an access road used by off-highway haul trucks that was adjacent to approximately 40 residences. BKL evaluated and compared several alternative construction plans, predicted noise levels for the chosen option and assisted in providing specifications for a temporary 4.5 m high noise barrier. Post-construction measurements showed that noise bylaw limits were being met with the barrier in place which confirmed the predicted results.


South Fraser Perimeter Road

Delta, BC
Noise impact assessment for proposed 2.5 km truck route along the waterfront of an existing community. This included an initial feasibility study of several alternate two lane and four lane road designs and attendance at public open houses.


Deltaport Way

Roberts Bank, BC
Prediction and assessment of noise from future truck traffic on a new road to serve the Deltaport Container Terminal.


Evaluation of Test Methods for Truck Noise

Transport Canada
Two stationary noise test procedures for heavy duty trucks were assessed to determine their ability to predict the results of a standard pass-by test. Sixty diesel trucks were tested in accordance with all three standards. The results of the study were published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. A subsequent study assessed the site-to-site repeatability of the two stationary test procedures. This was accomplished by testing a smaller number of trucks at a large number of sites.


Noise Compliance Testing of Motorcycles and Heavy Duty Trucks

Transport Canada
Numerous noise compliance test programs have been conducted for Transport Canada on new motorcycles, heavy duty trucks and buses to confirm that noise emissions are in compliance with federal government regulations. Well over (100) vehicles have been tested according to SAE pass-by test standards.


Bus Start-Up Noise Testing

BC Transit
Development and implementation of a test procedure to measure maximum pass by noise levels of buses starting up under maximum acceleration conditions on a hill. Overall levels, tonal components, and noise variations with time (from gear up shift and downshift) were analysed with respect to complaints received for various buses.

Transportation & Infrastructure
Baseline Noise Monitoring, Cadna/A Noise Modelling, Compliance Assessment, Environmental Noise Impact Assessment, Government, Land Use Assessment, Noise Mitigation Design, Policy Development