Acoustical Experience: Houses of Worship

    About This Project

    A WORSHIP SERVICE usually contains three major acoustical components: spoken word, devotional music, and congregational singing. A house of worship with properly designed acoustics and a sound system that works in harmony with the space can enhance the services.



    The following projects represent BKL’s wide range of experience in churches—from monasteries to contemporary houses of worship, and from new designs to renovations.


    Canadian Martyrs Church

    Richmond, BC

    BKL provided comprehensive acoustical and noise isolation design for this new church, parish hall, and attached school. Features include a glass wall between the sanctuary and narthex, sound-isolated crying room, and excellent acoustics.


    Christ Church Cathedral

    Vancouver, BC

    For the cathedral’s restoration, BKL assessed existing acoustical conditions and designed remedial measures to isolate traffic noise, suppress ventilation noise, and improve the character of reverberation.


    Christ Worship Centre

    Vancouver, BC

    BKL handled acoustical design of the sanctuary and made recommendations for interior finishes and wall construction to improve noise isolation and control HVAC system noise.


    Christian Life Assembly

    Langley, BC

    BKL reviewed the acoustical design for all renovated buildings and made recommendations for sound isolation, and to control reverberation and background interior noise levels.


    Coastal Church

    Vancouver, BC

    During interior renovations to a downtown heritage church, BKL provided recommendations that improved acoustics and, at the same time, maintained heritage interior appearance.


    Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship

    Coquitlam, BC

    BKL consulted on acoustical design of the sanctuary for the new church building and consulted HVAC system noise control.


    First Baptist Church

    Vancouver, BC

    For the redevelopment of First Baptist Church, the adjacent Pinder Hall, and other facilities, BKL provided internal and external sound isolation, mechanical systems noise control, and design recommendations for room acoustics.


    Fu Hui Buddhist Temple

    Vancouver, BC

    BKL consulted on controlling exterior noise penetration and designed room acoustics for the sanctuary, kitchen, and community room.


    Latter Day Saints Temple

    Vancouver, BC

    BKL provided acoustical design of temple room interior finishes and room enclosures, and recommendations for controlling noise from building services, external chillers, and other mechanical equipment.


    St. Joseph’s Church

    Langley, BC

    BKL measured, modelled, and analyzed existing room acoustics and made recommendations for acoustical treatment to improve speech intelligibility.


    St. Rita’s Catholic Church

    Castlegar, BC

    After St. Rita’s sanctuary was destroyed by arson 2013, BKL provided full acoustical design services for the rebuild, including the chancel, sanctuary, daycare, meeting rooms, and church offices.


    Richmond Jamatkhana

    Richmond, BC

    BKL provided acoustical design for prayer hall, social hall, and classrooms including room acoustics and noise control recommendations to limit noise from the HVAC system and overhead aircraft approaching and departing YVR.


    Kamloops Full Gospel Church

    Kamloops, BC

    BKL evaluated sanctuary acoustics on-site, assessed deficiencies, and made recommendations to improve the acoustics.


    Star of the Sea Church

    Surrey, BC

    BKL designed the room acoustics and sound system for the sanctuary of this new Roman Catholic church. Design includes a wavy wall to diffuse reflections from the circular rear wall.


    Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Church

    Vancouver, BC

    BKL made acoustical recommendations for interior finishes in the sanctuary and fellowship halls, and consulted on noise isolation for the sanctuary.


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