Acoustical Experience: Training

About This Project

At BKL we offer training in environmental and industrial noise control, residential construction noise, noise monitoring and enforcement, and more. Whether you’re looking for an overview of fundamentals or a detailed design workshop, we can provide relevant, accessible training to meet your needs.


City of Richmond

Noise Control Bylaw Development

We provided training to bylaw staff on measuring and assessing noise in accordance with the City’s recently updated noise bylaw. Our training included an overview of the bylaw and its guidance manual, and instruction on fundamentals, instrumentation, and how to communicate the sound measurement process to complainants and noise producers.



Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation (PVDC)

Noise and Vibration Training

For a monitoring program at Pueblo Viejo gold mine, we provided on-site training for PVDC staff. Our training occurred in the classroom and field. We covered noise and vibration theory, noise and vibration measurements, instrumentation, data management, and reporting.


Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Instrumentation Training

We trained staff at ERM on the ins and outs of using sound level meters. Our course looked at instrument setup, site selection, data management, and more. We also provided take-home forms including fieldwork checklists and data sheets.


City of Abbotsford

Noise Bylaw Training 

When Abbotsford updated its noise bylaw, we provided training for bylaw enforcement staff. We covered theory, measurements, downloading data, and documenting results. We also demonstrated how to set up, use, and maintain sound level meters, specifically, the make and model used by the City.


District of Coldstream

Noise Bylaw Training

With its noise bylaw in the draft stage, the District hired us to provide training on the draft bylaw, as well as sound theory, instrumentation, noise measurements, and data management. Working with the District’s own meters, we demonstrated how to assess noise using the bylaw and properly document results.


Township of Langley

Noise Bylaw and Training

We provided an acoustics course for bylaw enforcement officers. The course looked at the fundamentals of sound and how to use and maintain sound meters, take measurements, and understand the Township’s bylaw.


District of North Vancouver

Bylaw Review and Training

After reviewing the District’s noise bylaw and recommending updates, we developed guidelines, aimed at homeowners, for installing heat pumps or other outdoor mechanical equipment to avoid noise disturbances and bylaw infractions. We also provided training to District staff on the guidelines and bylaw revisions, as well as theory, instrumentation, measurements, data management, and documentation.


Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA)

Acoustics Training

In two half-day sessions, we provided a detailed acoustics course to VFPA staff. In addition to core acoustics topics — sound fundamentals, instrumentation, measurements, documentation, and reporting — we covered VFPA’s environmental noise assessment guidelines and highlighted the types of noise assessments and reports often made at the Port.


City of Port Coquitlam

Bylaw Officer Training

We held a training session with instruction on sound fundamentals, instrumentation, and conducting noise measurements in accordance with the City’s noise bylaw.


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