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Members of the firm are well experienced with the measurement of noise and vibration from transportation systems and the prediction of human and physical responses. Establishment of impact criteria and specification of performance levels are also integral to this body of experience. The following are selected examples of relevant project experience:


Port Mann/Highway 1 Project

Metro Vancouver, BC
Detailed design assessment of operations and construction noise mitigation requirements for this $3.3 billion bridge plus interchanges and roadways project. Baseline and post-construction noise monitoring at more than 70 locations. Construction noise and vibration prediction and monitoring. Detailed Cadna/A computer modelling at more than 1,000 residential and educational locations to assess impacts and design noise mitigation.


Evergreen SkyTrain Line

Coquitlam, BC
Environmental noise and vibration assessment to Canada Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) standards for 11 km SkyTrain line connecting Coquitlam Town Centre and Port Moody to the Millennium Line, with above grade, at-grade and tunnel sections. Included comprehensive characterization of existing SkyTrain noise and vibration using measurements at heights above and below active Millennium Line guideways, with and without noise barriers, for three generations of vehicles. Baseline monitoring and detailed noise and vibration predictions for both construction and operations phases. Drafted specifications for vehicle noise and station acoustics. Extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement.


Bathurst Inlet Port and Road (BIPR) Project

Environmental assessment technical report preparation including assessment of airborne and underwater noise from various transportation sources: airplanes, helicopters, vessels, trucks and construction vehicles, for Inuit, camp worker and wildlife receptors according to recognized standards (e.g. ISO 9613, NMPB, ANSI S12.17, ICAN/AzB 2008).


Deltaport Terminal Road & Rail Improvement Project

Delta, BC
Noise and vibration assessment of upgraded road and rail infrastructure for Canada Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) permit application. Included extensive noise and vibration monitoring (up to 14 days) at sensitive receptors and construction and operations noise and vibration prediction and effects assessments and participation in open house events.


Vancouver Transit Centre

Vancouver, BC
Baseline noise monitoring and assessment of bus idling and dispatch noise for new 400 bus facility.


YVR Ground Run-up Enclosure Commissioning

Richmond, BC
Noise measurements and analysis to ANSI standards to determine insertion loss provided by ground run-up enclosure with up to 15 metre tall noise walls.


Low Level Road Project

North Vancouver, BC
Preliminary and detailed design, environmental noise and vibration impact assessments and noise mitigation design for road and rail project. Included baseline monitoring, detailed Cadna/A computer modelling to assess impacts at 100+ residences and to design noise mitigation, and extensive public consultation.


PacifiCat Fast Ferries

Full shipboard noise control design for these doomed 122 m vessels.


CN Rail Main Line

Kamloops, BC
Design and execution of a major investigation of community complaints regarding building vibration and damage resulting from double-tracking of heavily used railroad through a residential area. The study included a social survey of the affected area, detailed vibration measurements throughout the community, and participation in public hearings.

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