Transportation and Infrastructure

Acoustical Advice for Transportation and Infrastructure

Improvements to highways, railways, airports, and other transportation infrastructure often bring additional traffic. In many cases, increased traffic volume made the upgrade necessary in the first place. At BKL, we understand how to measure transportation system noise and vibration—from both construction activities and traffic—and predict how it will impact nearby homes, schools, and other sensitive locations.


Our team can measure noise and vibration, predict its effects, and engage with stakeholders and the general public to ensure these effects and their solutions are communicated clearly and accurately. Using regionally and internationally recognized criteria, we can analyze environmental noise and vibration, set thresholds, and predict where they will be exceeded. In addition, we can propose effective solutions to limit impacts, whether that’s by specifying operational parameters or consulting on the design of noise barriers or other mitigation.


Have a look at the case studies below for more details about our work in the transportation and infrastructure sector.