• Sound Transmission Class (STC) to ASTM E336 and E413 standards
  • Footfall noise (ISO Tapping machine) to ASTM E1007 and E989 standards
  • Acoustic Privacy to ASTM E592 standard
  • Reverberation time
  • ISO 3382 auditorium measures: strength G, early decay EDT, balance between early and late arriving sound using C80 (clarity), D50 (definition) and Ts (centre time), early lateral sound LF80
  • Background noise
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurements to ANSI, CSA and ISO standards
  • Infrasonic / vibration analysis
  • Sound leakage identification using Norsonic Acoustic Camera


Industrial / Occupational Health


  • Workplace Noise Analysis to CSA Z107.53 standard
  • Occupational Noise exposure (dosimeter) to CSA Z107.56 standard
  • Whole body vibration
  • Shipboard noise analysis


Noise and Vibration Analysis


  • Low level ground vibration using FFT and/or 1/3 octave band spectrum analysis
  • Machinery noise and vibration
  • Noise source identification, e.g. using Norsonic Acoustic Camera




  • Community noise surveys (Leq and Ldn) including integrated audio recordings to ISO and ANSI standards
  • Aircraft noise
    • Commercial airport traffic
    • Military flight ranges (including supersonic low level flight)
    • Flight path noise level analysis
  • Rail noise and vibration
  • Road traffic noise and vibration
  • Industrial / resource environmental noise impact studies
  • Blasting noise and vibration analysis for the mining industry
  • Weapons range and shooting range impulse noise analysis
  • Noise source identification, e.g. using Norsonic Acoustic Camera
  • Underwater noise measurements
  • Weather measurements (wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, rain, solar radiation) to complement long range noise surveys
  • Sound pressure level measurements against municipal bylaw requirements