David Stepanavicius

David Stepanavicius graduated from the University of Sydney with a master of architectural science in audio and acoustics. Prior to joining BKL in 2018, he had been working as an acoustical consultant in Australia since 2016.


His experience in architectural, environmental, industrial, and musical acoustics covers a range of sectors including but not limited to residential, commercial, healthcare, education, and recreation.


Through his psychoacoustic research with multichannel electroacoustic reproduction, David has acquired a strong understanding of objective and subjective analysis of noise and vibration. He has presented at various acoustic conferences and universities abroad.


Proficient with a variety of measurement instrumentation and prediction tools such as EASE, Insul, Strutt, and Pottorff AIM, David enjoys integrating his technical capabilities with his background in audio production. He has a particular interest in room acoustics and performance spaces.