Douglas Kennedy

Douglas Kennedy has provided consulting services exclusively in acoustics and vibration since 1971. Throughout his career, Douglas has acquired extensive experience in many areas including architectural acoustics, industrial noise control, and environmental noise assessment. In addition, he has developed specialized expertise in the field of shipboard noise control.


His work in architectural acoustics has covered a wide range of projects including hotels, hospitals, schools, sports, and fine arts facilities. His work in the industrial field has included waste water treatment plants, pump stations, hydro-electric power plants, and a variety of other industrial facilities.


Douglas has been particularly active in the transportation field, having conducted environmental noise assessments for road traffic and both civilian and military aircraft. He has also served as Technical Advisor on noise to Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panels.


Douglas’s involvement in the marine industry began in the early seventies with noise control work on towboats. This progressed to an ever increasing number of projects on Coast Guard and Fisheries vessels as well as a variety of ferries, including high-speed catamaran vessels. He has provided advice on shipboard noise control to naval architects and shipyards on both commercial and naval projects throughout Canada and the United States.


Throughout his career, Douglas has published papers on various aspects of acoustics for the Canadian Acoustical Association, the Acoustical Society of America, Inter-Noise, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers.