Forest Borch


Forest Borch graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015 and holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. He joined BKL in September 2015 and has worked on a wide range of residential, commercial, and environmental projects. He has taken measurements, analyzed results, performed calculations, and made recommendations to meet project requirements. He is regularly involved in a variety of projects—from hospitals, places of worship, and pubs to industrial facilities, construction sites, and office buildings.


Forest’s recent experience includes modelling composite walls and floors to determine their Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) values. He is proficient at performing on-site testing of these parameters in accordance with ASTM standards.


Interested in acoustics for buildings and performance spaces, Forest has experience modelling and designing acoustics to meet project criteria and can make recommendations to suit a space’s intended use. He is a proficient user of acoustical modelling software Odeon.


Forest is familiar with performing field measurements with Brüel & Kjær, Larson Davis, Norsonic Acoustic Camera, and Soundbook sound analyzers. Furthermore, he has experience with acoustical modeling software including Cadna/A, SONArchitect, and Insul to analyze noise and vibration, and is familiar with numerous municipal bylaws and standards published by ISO, ASTM and ANSI.


During Acoustics Week in Canada 2016, Forest co-presented a seminar on sustainability and acoustics design. He has also published an article about standards for modelling road traffic noise in Canadian Acoustics.


Forest is a professional engineer registered with  Engineers and Geoscientists BC.