Hanna Yanglou

While studying at University of British Columbia (UBC), Hanna Yanglou, EIT, interned with acoustical consulting firms and conducted research on auralization. She has also conducted research on acoustic soundscapes with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT); and software development for open-plan spaces with The French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS).


Hanna has experience developing 3-D acoustical models using Cadna/A and CATT-Acoustic software. She also has experience studying and assessing environmental acoustics, classroom acoustics, and railroad vibration. She has conducted long-term measurements, reverberation tests, and ambient and background noise tests.


She is familiar with acoustical instrumentation and has working knowledge of a variety of equipment including Brüel & Kjær and Soundbook analyzers, omni-directional loudspeakers, hydrophones, and artificial mouth speakers.


Hanna is a member of Engineers and Geoscientists BC and the Canadian Acoustical Association, and she is currently working towards her designation as a Professional Engineer.