James Leader

James Leader has practiced as an acoustical consultant since 2011, having started his career in defence-related underwater acoustics projects and later expanding into environmental noise and vibration assessments and architectural acoustics. He joined BKL in March 2019 upon completing his PhD in acoustics at the University of Western Australia.


The highlights of his consulting career include underwater noise impact assessments for numerous construction activities for the resource industry in Western Australia, and berth upgrades for the Neptune Bulk Terminal in North Vancouver. These assessments included numerical prediction of the propagation of underwater noise and subsequent on-site validation measurements.


As a consultant, James has worked extensively on new ways of looking at and modelling the radiation and propagation of sound. He has produced numerous academic papers and successfully submitted a PhD thesis that provides analytical and numerical models for calculating the noise reduction experienced by building facades of varying geometry. He is competent using a range of commercial software for 3-D noise prediction and implementing a first-principles approach to solve complex problems.


Before joining BKL, James worked in Perth, Australia, on a wide variety of projects including the design and construction of eight new schools, environmental assessments of proposed mining and construction activities, and various condition monitoring projects.