Serkan Ulgen


Serkan Ulgen has been practicing in acoustics since 2013, and joined BKL in October 2020. Before joining BKL, he worked as a researcher and acoustical consultant.


Serkan’s graduate research was funded by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in Turkey. As part of his master’s studies, he developed an active noise cancellation application. He also worked as an engineer for his alma mater and provided acoustical consulting for clients in the public and private sectors. In Turkey, he performed acoustical measurements and simulations on commercial and educational building projects. Serkan has also prepared noise impact assessment reports for publicly funded infrastructure proposals.


Moving to Toronto in 2018, Serkan started working for an acoustic material manufacturer. He provided product design, supplier quality assessment, project application, and code compliance consultancy to clients in Canada, USA, Latin America, and Europe. He has gained expertise in fire performance requirements and volatile organic compound limitations related to surface finish materials in various building codes and certification schemes. He also worked for the School of Construction and the Environment of British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and prepared project proposals and developed bespoke acoustical analysis software tools for BCIT’s acoustics lab.


With BKL, Serkan has been involved in ground-borne noise and vibration impact assessments of transportation projects.


Serkan has used Brüel & Kjær, Larson Davis, NTi, Svantek, and Soundbook sound and vibration analyzers. He is proficient in ODEON, SoundPLAN, MATLAB, and Rhinoceros Grasshopper.