Acoustical Experience: Offices and Workspaces

    About This Project

    The modern office environment presents a variety of acoustic design challenges due to the diverse range of activities to be considered and the many constraints imposed by non-acoustic considerations, including meeting targeted LEED award requirements. In open plan areas, acoustic ceilings, privacy screens and background noise must all be optimized in order to achieve an acceptable degree of speech privacy between work stations. Acoustic privacy and good speech intelligibility is even more critical for executive offices, meeting rooms and teleconferencing rooms. Noise from HVAC systems must be sufficient to provide adequate speech privacy in open plan areas without creating annoyance but in boardrooms and teleconferencing rooms, low background noise levels are essential. BKL has both the experience and the design tools to address all of these issues, working as a key member of the design team. BKL’s experience includes many notable projects, including:


    725 Granville Street

    Vancouver, BC
    We provided acoustical design services for the new building through construction and also consulted on tenant improvement projects by Microsoft Canada and Sony Imageworks. We designed the acoustics for open-plan areas, private offices, and meeting rooms, and made recommendations to control HVAC noise.


    Bell Centre Open Plan Office

    Vancouver, BC
    Assessment of acoustical environment in existing open plan offices. Recommendations were provided for remedial measures to improve acoustic privacy between workstations.


    Calgary Courts Centre

    Calgary, AB
    Interior acoustics, noise isolation and HVAC noise design for a two-tower complex including 56 courtrooms, offices and a 20 storey atrium.


    Edmonton International Airport Offices

    Edmonton, AB
    Acoustical design of new administrative office building for Edmonton International Airport including open plan and private offices, to achieve high levels of speech privacy.


    Fraser Health Offices

    Surrey, BC
    Acoustical design for two floors of new offices in an existing building, including open plan areas, private offices, and meeting rooms.


    Fraser Milner Casgraine Offices

    Vancouver, BC
    Interior acoustics, noise isolation and ventilation system noise control for an entire floor of new office space. Acoustical design addressed sound isolation requirements for private offices and meeting rooms and control of noise from HVAC systems.


    Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Regional Headquarters

    Coquitlam, BC
    Comprehensive acoustical design of new building incorporating open plan and private offices as well as meeting and boardrooms. Recommendations for controlling exterior traffic noise were also provided.


    North Vancouver Civic Centre

    North Vancouver, BC
    Acoustical design of new office facility including open plan areas, private offices, meeting rooms and central atrium.


    Powerex Office Renovation and Expansion

    Vancouver, BC
    Acoustical design for renovation and expansion of open plan and enclosed offices, including an active trading area. Assessment of existing and proposed ventilation systems also formed an important part of BKL’s work.


    Business Objects

    Vancouver, BC
    Assessment of existing office environment and recommendations for remedial measures to improve acoustic privacy in open areas, sound isolation to enclosed spaces and room acoustics in atrium and cafeteria.

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