We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our team unites global experience and local knowledge to address specific acoustical problems. We go beyond theoretical exercises and deliver acoustically effective, cost-efficient, proven solutions for almost every sector.


  • Commercial

    From LEED Platinum office towers to hotels and convention centres to pubs and clubs to recording studios, we've got your regulatory and clientele acoustical concerns covered.

  • Justice and Government

    We've designed the acoustics for police stations, courthouses, community centres and libraries across Western Canada.

  • Cultural

    Audiences and performers deserve great acoustics. We can help you control beneficial sound reflections and eliminate compromising echoes and noise from external sources and building services.

  • Education and Research

    Excellent listening conditions for students, teachers and researchers are vital to the success of educational and research facilities.

  • Energy

    Whether you are planning a new energy project or upgrading an operational one, we perform land use compatibility assessments, noise impact assessments for permitting and acoustical design consultation.

  • Government Services

    We work with municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments to develop policy, assist with planning and assess compliance.

  • Healthcare

    In healthcare facilities, good acoustical design can limit building noise and improve privacy, helping staff and patients focus on giving and receiving care.

  • Industrial

    We measure and evaluate industrial noise and vibration, and design noise and vibration controls for both workplaces and communities.

  • Mining

    Performing environmental assessments and also assessing existing noise impacts and noise-mitigation options, we understand the diffuse and potentially adverse effects of mining noise.

  • Ports and Marine

    From monitoring and assessing port-related noise and vibration to designing shipboard noise controls, we work with port authorities, tenants and shipbuilders from around the globe.

  • Residential and Mixed-Use

    We provide comprehensive acoustical testing and guidance for suite-to-suite issues, noise bylaw compliance and the effects of environmental noise on proposed developments.

  • Sports and Recreation

    We can help you enhance arena and facility acoustics for users and for public safety concerns by addressing room acoustics and noise and vibration from mechanical systems.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    From airport terminals and bus depots to highways and SkyTrain lines, we can develop acoustical solutions for a range of transportation-related noise and vibration issues.

  • Water and Waste

    For pump or treatment facilities, we provide noise control design and vibration isolation or retrofits, and measure and evaluate existing noise and vibration issues.

BKL owns specialized acoustics-related software and a broad selection of specialized sound and vibration instrumentation.