Acoustical Experience: Police Stations and Secure Facilities

About This Project

Police stations can be hectic at times, and high noise levels inevitably accompany this busyness. Acoustical design, however, can help limit the effects of this noise on the people who work at police stations and secure facilities. From recommending sound isolation for private interrogation rooms to ensuring administrative areas are conducive for focused work, good acoustics can contribute to the functionality of these facilities. In detail, acoustical work specific to police stations and secure facilities typically involves reviewing and designing the following:


Room Acoustics

Applicable to areas such as the administrative offices, interview rooms, gymnasia, shops, TV and living areas, firing rangers and public spaces, etc. room acoustics involves the selection of most appropriate materials to meet acoustical criteria, architectural finish schedule, and in certain areas, durability requirements.


Noise Isolation/Speech Privacy

Requires review of space relationships and design of wall or floor/ceiling systems to meet noise isolation criteria relating to areas such as adjacent offices, secure rooms, conference rooms and adjacent occupied areas.


Mechanical (HVAC), Plumbing & Electrical Systems Noise and Vibration Control

Noise control requires establishing acceptable background noise levels for spaces throughout the facility and then reviewing the designs of specific systems and recommending mitigating measures to achieve the design criteria.


BKL has applied the above capabilities in varying degrees of detail to numerous projects including:

RCMP & Police Projects


  • Airdrie RCMP Building
  • Campbell River Police Station
  • Moose Jaw Police Station
  • Regina RCMP Building
  • RCMP “E” Division Headquarters, Surrey
  • Sydney/North Saanich RCMP Building
  • Vancouver Police Communications Department
  • Vancouver Police Department Ballistics Lab
  • Vancouver Police Main Headquarters
  • Victoria Police Station
  • West Vancouver Public Safety Building

Corrections Projects


  • Agassiz Maximum Security Institute
  • Burnaby Youth Custody Centre
  • Forensic Psychiatric Institute
  • Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre
  • Kent Institute Maximum Security Housing
  • Mountain Institute Redevelopment
  • North Fraser Pretrial Centre
  • Prince George Regional Correctional Centre
  • Vancouver Island Regional Correction Centre
  • Vancouver Pretrial Services Centre
  • Victoria Youth Custody Centre
  • Whitehorse Correctional Centre

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