Case Study: RCMP “E” Division Headquarters

About This Project

Providing advice and testing on all acoustics-related requirements, BKL joined the Green Timbers Accommodation Partners team for the RCMP “E” Division Headquarters Relocation Project, a $966 million public-private partnership (P3) project targeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certification. The project involved designing and constructing a new 76,162 square-metre headquarters facility for over 2,700 personnel, with three new buildings including a seven-storey office building, a post-disaster services building and a single-storey office and warehouse building.




  • comprehensively reviewed sound isolation requirements and provided input for partition construction, door and seal selection, and penetration details for mechanical and electrical services, etc., including specifying more than 200 acoustically rated doors;
  • calculated speech privacy levels and made recommendations for masking noise levels, backed up by testing in similar existing facilities;
  • calculated reverberation time in the main lobby and other spaces and recommended sound absorbing treatment to control reverberation;
  • recommended vibration isolation of mechanical equipment to prevent structure-borne noise transmission and limit the vibration transmitted to the building structure;
  • analyzed sound transmission through the HVAC system and recommended silencers and lined ductwork to control the airborne noise;
  • reviewed the environmental noise impact to the buildings from the chiller plant and emergency generators and recommended upgrades to improve the sound isolation of the building envelope;
  • recommended sound isolating enclosures to mitigate noise from stand-alone emergency generators, and, in the case of indoor generators, recommended air discharge and intake silencers and exhaust mufflers;
  • conducted extensive mock-up testing to confirm performance;
  • attended design meetings, reviewed 100+ shop drawings, inspected the implementation of our recommendations on site and presented to large client user groups during the pursuit and design stages of the project; and
  • carried out extensive commissioning testing of noise, vibration, reverberation and sound isolation to confirm compliance with the project criteria.
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