Acoustical Experience: Water and Waste Pump Houses and Treatment Facilities

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About This Project

Often the location of water and waste pump and treatment stations, in or near residential communities, combined with their 24 hour operation, results in extreme noise and vibration conflicts. Our experience includes noise control and vibration isolation design for new facilities and measurement and evaluation of existing noise and vibration sources both for the community and for the workplace. BKL has experience in dealing with these issues as demonstrated by the following projects:


Aldrin Pump Station (formerly known as Duthie Pump Station)

Burnaby, BC
Noise prediction and noise migration design for noise from a new emergency generator, pumps and VFD fans.


Annacis and Lulu Island Sewage Plant Expansions

Delta and Richmond, BC
Acoustical design for control of both interior and exterior noise for major expansions to provide secondary treatment capabilities. To acquire the necessary noise data on secondary treatment equipment and cogeneration facilities, a noise survey was undertaken at the Bonneybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant in Calgary, Alberta.


Barnston/Maple Ridge Water Pump Station

Maple Ridge, BC
Baseline noise monitoring, noise control design of a new pump station, construction noise modelling and predictions, and design of methods for mitigating construction noise.


Burnaby Mountain Booster Pump Station

Burnaby, BC
Noise control design for a new booster pump station which consists of a new genset building and a pump room.


Central Park and Burnaby Mountain Pump Stations

Burnaby, BC
Acoustical studies of two existing pump stations with ventilation and noise issues. The post-mitigation assessment demonstrated that the acoustical treatment (e.g. lining, louvres, rebuilt entrance, replaced penthouse) reduced noise emanations to below ambient conditions at nearby residences.


Craigflower Pump Station

View Royal, BC
Measurement of ambient site noise and analysis of potential noise emanations from this pump station located in a quiet residential community.


Columbia Street Pump Station

Vancouver, BC
Site noise measurements and prediction of noise exposure during construction and operation of this downtown pump station. Attendance and presentation at community forum on perceived noise concerns about this project. Consultation on acoustical design of the facility.


Fergus Sewage Pump Station

Surrey, BC
Noise control design for a new sewage pump station which includes a genset building, odour control building and submersible pumps in a wet well.


Little Mountain Reservoir Reconstruction

Vancouver, BC
Prediction, assessment and mitigation of noise from a major construction project in the midst of an urban park and residential community. This project involved preparation of noise control specifications for the construction contract, participation in public open houses.


Okanagan Lake Pump Station

Kelowna, BC
Noise control for new lakeside pump station located within development site for future recreational properties and hotel. Noise levels of less than 40 dBA were achieved on the adjacent beach.


Port Coquitlam Sewage Pump Station

Port Coquitlam, BC
Noise control design for upgrading of the ventilation system, the new genset building, and installation of an odour control system for an existing sewage pump station. The post-mitigation assessment demonstrated that the acoustical treatment (e.g. duct lining, silencers, etc.) reduced noise emissions to below the bylaw limit at the property lines. A later study involved short term and long term measurements to investigate the noise concerns of nearby residences, design of additional noise mitigation and post-mitigation measurements.


Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel

Surrey and Coquitlam, BC
Baseline noise monitoring, construction noise predictions at commercial and residential receptors using Cadna/A software, and noise and vibration mitigation design (e.g. scheduling, temporary barriers, source orientation) for slurry tunnel boring project. Public open house attendance.


Royal Avenue Pump Station

New Westminster, BC
Noise control design for new standby generator set and odour control equipment in the replacement of an existing pump station in a quiet residential community.


Semiahmoo Sewage Pump Station

Surrey, BC
Noise measurement, noise predictions using Cadna/A software, noise impact assessment and noise mitigation design for the emergency generator and odour control system.


Seymour Shaft for Water Supply Twin Tunnels

North Vancouver, BC
Prediction, long-term monitoring and assessment of blasting noise received in a community during construction of an 11m diameter, 180m deep shaft within Lynn Canyon Park.

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