Mark Bliss

P.Eng., INCE

Mark Bliss is a professional engineer and member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE), and holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of British Columbia. He has practiced as an acoustical consultant since 2003.


He has extensive experience assessing transportation and industry noise impacts within communities, and has worked with all levels of government on noise policy development. He has appeared as an expert witness before the British Columbia Supreme Court, has testified at municipal council hearings, and has met with concerned citizen groups to resolve noise issues. He has performed third party reviews and on-site training in noise and vibration measurement and assessment techniques. He has given presentations at conferences on environmental noise prediction and assessment (transportation, wind energy, and entertainment) and sound management in planning.


Mark manages noise and vibration assessments for road traffic, rail traffic, construction, industrial, entertainment, leisure, commercial, and other activities. He has conducted hundreds of sound and vibration measurements in the field, predicting future effects using national and international standards implemented in noise modelling software (e.g., Cadna/A); investigating noise mitigation options; and preparing detailed reports. He has prepared Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) application reports to BCEAA, CEAA, and IFC requirements.


Mark has performed building acoustics design work for many building types (new builds and renovations) in order to reduce environmental and mechanical noise and improve speech intelligibility, room acoustics, and airborne and impact sound isolation. He has used numerous CSA, ISO, ASTM, ANSI, WHO, Health Canada, and other standards and guidelines related to acoustics.