Maryam Foroughi

Maryam Foroughi holds a master of applied science in building engineering from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). During her studies, which she completed in 2020, she analyzed the ambient soundscape of living architecture. This also became the subject of her final thesis.


While at BCIT, Maryam investigated the acoustical environment and soundscapes of various green roofs and urban parks within Vancouver, including the Olympic Village, where she conducted community noise measurements using a binaural head system and analyzed data using MatLab to develop qualitative psychoacoustic parameters for the rating of soundscapes in urban settings.


In July 2021, Maryam was awarded the BC Building Envelope Council Education Foundation Award for her high academic performance and contribution toward the transfer of knowledge in the field of envelope design.


Due to her educational and architectural background, she has a good understanding of building acoustics and envelope design, with a broad understanding of the relationship between acoustic transmission loss and separating orthotropic assemblies.  She has an excellent working knowledge of the ASTM and ISO standard test methods using sound intensity protocols and has conducted measurements for determining reverberation times to develop satisfactory conditions for speech intelligibility according to nationally recognized design guidelines.


Maryam is experienced in using the computational ODEON software to analyze the acoustic characteristics of rooms in order to calculate acoustic comfort parameters and develop solutions for the treatment of undesired acoustic features in noise-critical spaces.