Acoustical Experience: Courthouses and Custodial Facilities

About This Project

The acoustical design of buildings to serve the justice system is a multi-faceted task, involving consideration of room acoustics, noise isolation and speech privacy, and noise and vibration control of the building service systems. The acoustics of the courtrooms, judge’s chambers, jury rooms, gymnasia, shops and TV and living areas require acoustical treatment strategies peculiar to these facilities. Interview rooms, offices, chambers and other acoustically sensitive or noisy rooms require careful design and detailing for noise isolation and speech privacy. The control of noise and vibration from building service systems to meet established criteria is required to maintain the integrity of the noise control and speech intelligibility objectives for the facilities.


BKL Consultants Ltd. is well experienced with the acoustical aspects of these facilities having participated on the design teams for the following notable projects:


Calgary Courts Centre

Calgary, Alberta
A one million square foot, 24 storey complex comprising two towers joined by a 129m high atrium, and including a 300 seat ceremonial court, 56 courtrooms, support and administrative facilities and secure prisoner holding areas.


Air India High Security Courtroom

Vancouver, BC
Acoustics, noise isolation and A/V systems design for this $7 million high security courtroom which incorporates a 150 seat gallery, electronic evidence presentation and multi-language simultaneous translation facilities.


Chilliwack Provincial Courthouse

Chilliwack, BC
The first P3 (public private partnership) courthouse facility built in British Columbia, incorporating five courtrooms, judicial chambers and support areas, prisoner holding and commercial office space.

NWT Law Courts Facility

Yellowknife, NT


Richmond Courthouse

Richmond, BC


Surrey Courthouse

Surrey, BC


Brandon Courthouse

Brandon, Manitoba


North Vancouver Courthouse

North Vancouver, BC


Provincial Courts Building

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Court of Queens Bench

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Provincial Courts Building

Vancouver, BC


Justice Institute of BC Building

New Westminster, BC


Terrace Courthouse

Terrace, BC


Pretrial Services Centre

Vancouver, BC


Port Alberni Courthouse

Port Alberni, BC


New Westminster Courthouse

New Westminster, BC


Edmonton Law Courts

Edmonton, Alberta

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