Acoustical Experience: Ships and Other Vessels

  • Marine Acoustics: PacifiCat Explorer Vessel

About This Project

The importance of controlling noise aboard ships has become widely recognized and quantitative noise level limits are now commonplace in specifications for new vessels and vessel refits. The benefits of noise control range from crew safety and increased work efficiency on work boats to passenger comfort on ferries and yachts. From its offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, the firm has served marine clients from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico. The following are selected examples of relevant project experience:


Crew Boats, Submarines, Work Boats & Yachts


  • 11 m Harb. Comm. Launch, Robert Allan Naval Arch.
  • 15 m Oil Recovery Vessels, Burrard Clean Operations
  • 20 m Aluminum Fishboat, Peter Hatfield Naval Arch.
  • 24 m Passenger Launch, John Manly Shipyard
  • 50 m FDNY Fireboat, Robert Allan Naval Arch.


Ferries and Cruise Ships


  • 63 m 40-Car Ferry, Port Weller Dry Docks
  • 100 m 125 Car Ferry, Vancouver Shipyards
  • 115 m 215 Car Ferry, CSE Marine Services
  • 122 m High-Speed Ferries, Catamaran Ferries International
  • 139 m Trailer Ferry, Vancouver Shipyards
  • 140 m Car Ferries, Todd Pacific Shipyards
  • 168 m 470-Car Ferries, Integrated Ferry Constructors
  • Norwegian Star Aft Lounge, Nor Cruise Lines
  • Translink 3rd SeaBus, Victoria Shipyards


Naval Vessels & Submarines


  • 12 m Sonobuoy Recov. Vessel, Celtic Shipyard
  • 33 m Acoustic Range Vessels, West Coast Manly Shipyard
  • 33 m ORCA Naval Training Vessels, Victoria Shipyards Co.
  • 48 & 64 m Passenger Submarines, Atlantis Submarines
  • 56 m Coastal Defence Vessels, German Marine Naval Arch.
  • 57 m YTT Torpedo Test Craft, McDermott Shipyard
  • Army Landing Craft, McDermott Shipyard


Fisheries, Coast Guard and Research Vessels


  • 20 m Hydrographic Survey, Peter Hatfield Naval Arch.
  • 29 m Fisheries Patrol Vessel, Hike Metal
  • 32 m Hydrographic Survey, Robert Allan Naval Arch.
  • 50 m Search & Rescue Vessel, Versatile Pacific Shipyard
  • 60 m Seismic Research Vessel, PGS Ocean Bottom Seismic
  • 69 m Hydrographic Survey, Bel Aire Shipyard
  • 70 m Type 1050 Nav. Aids, Vito Shipyard
  • 72 m Fisheries Patrol Vessel, West Coast Manly Shipyard
  • 75 m Fisheries Assessment, Robert Allan Naval Arch.
  • 83 m Type 1100 Nav. Aids, Collingwood Shipyard
  • 100 m Type 1200 Nav. Aids, Versatile Pacific Shipyard
  • CCGS Sir Wilfred Laurier, Department of Fisheries and Oceans




  • Studies on (6) Towboats, Arctic Transportation Ltd.
  • Studies on (15) Towboats, Northern Transportation Ltd.
  • Studies on (33) Towboats, Transport Canada
  • 25 m Tug for Ports Canada, Riverton Boatworks
  • 33 m Tug for Eastern Towing, Halifax-Dartmouth Shipyard
  • 41 m Tug for Seaspan, Cove-Hatfield Naval Arch.
  • 44 m Tug for Rivtow Towing, Talbot Jackson Naval Arch.

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