Acoustical Experience: Light Rail Transit Systems

  • LRT SkyTrain Noise & Vibration

About This Project

BKL has made a significant contribution to the understanding and control of noise and vibration from the Vancouver Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. The following are past completed projects:


Evergreen SkyTrain Line
Environmental noise and vibration assessment to Canada Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) standards for 11 km SkyTrain line connecting Coquitlam Town Centre and Port Moody to the Millennium Line, with above grade, at-grade and tunnel sections. Included comprehensive characterization of existing SkyTrain noise and vibration using measurements at heights above and below active Millennium Line guideways, with and without noise barriers, for three generations of vehicles. Baseline monitoring and detailed noise and vibration predictions for both construction and operations phases. Drafted specifications for vehicle noise and station acoustics. Extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement.


Evergreen LRT Line
Environmental impact assessment of the at-grade alignment for the proposed LRT line connecting Coquitlam and Port Moody to the Millennium Line at Lougheed Mall.


Canada Line
Environmental noise and vibration assessment, detailed design and construction noise management for the LRT line connecting Richmond Town Centre, Vancouver International Airport and downtown Vancouver. Vehicle noise specifications. Acoustical design for both above ground and underground stations. Assessment and control of underground station ventilation noise.


SkyTrain Millennium Line
Assessment of SkyTrain noise and vibration impact on the Lougheed corridor from Glen Avenue to North Mall, continuing on the Brunette Columbia corridor to Columbia Station. Participation in open houses to provide guidance to the community about SkyTrain noise issues. Design of guideway noise barriers and field testing to confirm their effectiveness.


SkyTrain PMC Line
Assessment of noise impact significance for alternative routes on the SkyTrain extension proposed from Lougheed Mall to Coquitlam Town Centre.


Vancouver/Richmond Rapid Transit Corridor Study
Development of evaluation criteria for community noise impact from three alternative rapid transit technologies (ALRT, Bus and Rail) for several proposed corridors from Vancouver to Richmond.


Gateway Station 

Evaluation of the potential impact of the proposed Gateway Station on their Gateway Integrated Development involving both commercial and residential facilities as well as outdoor public malls.

Provided a later evaluation of the significance of acoustical treatment to the ceiling and roof of the proposed Gateway Station to improve platform communications and reduce the disturbance potential of rain on the platform roof.


SkyTrain Track Lubricant Study
A study of the acoustical benefits of a proprietary wheel/rail lubricant system.


Numerous studies on the original SkyTrain system from Waterfront to New Westminster Stations including:

• Prediction of Noise and Vibration Levels Adjacent to Proposed SkyTrain Line
• Dunsmuir Tunnel Vibration Survey
• Vancouver SkyTrain Baseline Noise and Vibration Survey Measurement Sites
• Noise Control on SkyTrain Electrical Substation
• SkyTrain Station Design Manual – Acoustics
• Acoustical Design of SkyTrain Stations


Residential Developments Adjacent to LRT Lines
BKL has been retained on many occasions to assess the potential effects of LRT noise on developments proposed for locations close to the right of way, including recommendations to improve building envelope sound isolation, where warranted.

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