Acoustical Experience: Clubs, Pubs, and Music Venues

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About This Project

Live entertainment and recorded music are often a source of noise concern associated with pubs, clubs and other entertainment facilities. BKL is often called to assess the noise impact of music venues on nearby points of reception. We are also called to assess the sound transmission from the venue to residential suites either above or adjacent to the venue.


Noise Assessment

According to City Noise Bylaws, there are a number of requirements with which music venues need to comply. Most include ensuring that the level of noise emanating from pubs and clubs does not unduly impact residential points of reception external to the venue building; and some include assessing the impact on dwellings which share a common partition with the venue.


In the City of Vancouver, the recent introduction of a new Noise Bylaw requires that the level of noise 3 m from the building facade of pubs and clubs is assessed in order to control creeping noise levels on the public right of way.


The City of Vancouver has started to enforce the bylaw conditions when a music venue makes an application for the newly introduced extended hours liquor licence. Consequently, we have undertaken noise assessments to support our clients’ extended hours applications by evaluating compliance with the bylaws, and detailing the results and any noise control recommendations in a report to accompany the application.


Noise Isolation

Where a residential dwelling shares a common partition with a pub or night-club, it is vitally important that the noise isolation is assessed to establish the level of noise transmission to the residential point of reception. The City of Vancouver specifies permissible noise levels that must be met, and requires that a noise assessment for supporting an extended hours liquor licence application reports the predicted noise impact levels and whether these meet the bylaw requirements. We have recommended detailed sound isolation improvement works to meet both the Vancouver Bylaw requirements, and the client’s wishes to play music at the desired level while minimising sound transmission to neighbouring dwellings.


BKL has provided some or all of the above services to the following pubs and nightclubs:


  • The Red Room
  • Ceili’s Irish Pub
  • The Wild Coyote
  • Bar None
  • Doolin’s
  • The Cellar
  • The Roxy
  • Mirage Night-club
  • The Modern
  • The Odyssey
  • The Blarney Stone
  • The Astoria Pub
  • The Cobalt Pub
  • Garfinkel’s, Whistler
  • Voda

A/V System, Cadna/A Noise Modelling, Compliance Assessment, Environmental and Community Noise, Music Noise Control, Permitting, Sound Isolation, Third Party Review