Acoustical Experience: Railways

Rail Noise Mitigation

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Members of the firm are well experienced with the measurement of noise and vibration from heavy rail systems and the prediction of human and physical responses. Establishment of impact criteria and specification of performance levels are also integral to this body of experience. The following are selected examples of relevant project experience:


Deltaport Terminal Road & Rail Improvement Project

Delta, BC
Noise and vibration assessment of upgraded road and rail infrastructure for CEAA permit application. Included extensive noise and vibration monitoring (up to 14 days) at sensitive receptors and construction and operations noise and vibration prediction and effects assessments and participation in open house events.


South Shore Corridor Improvement Project

Vancouver, BC
Road and rail noise impact assessment at 100+ residences due to increased traffic with new overpass and track expansion, with baseline monitoring and Cadna/A modelling.


Low Level Road Project

North Vancouver, BC
Preliminary and detailed design environmental noise and vibration impact assessments and noise mitigation design for road and rail project. Included baseline monitoring, detailed Cadna/A computer modelling to assess impacts at 100+ residences and to design noise mitigation, and extensive public consultation.


Philip Avenue Overpass

North Vancouver, BC
Noise impact assessment for new overpass eliminating train whistling. Noise barrier design for shunting yard using Cadna/A and sound source height from Norsonic 848 Acoustic Camera system measurements.


Wall Street Residential Development

Vancouver, BC
Noise and vibration assessment for multiple iterations of proposed multi-family residential development adjacent to port road and rail infrastructure, including public meetings.


Gilwell Pointe Residential Development

Gilwell Pointe, Saskatchewan
Noise and vibration assessment for proposed multi-family development adjacent to rail line to meet CN project criteria. RAC/FCM Proximity Guidelines and Best Practices were used and site measurements were performed using our Soundbook multi-channel system.


Lakes District Secondary School Train Vibration Assessment

Burns Lake, BC
Vibration monitoring and assessment for new secondary school adjacent to busy railway line.


Train Engineer Whole Body Vibration Studies

Monitoring of vibration in Canada Line and CN freight train, VIA Rail passenger train and CN yard locomotive to document and rate occupational whole body vibration levels.


Hampton Inn Road & Rail Noise Study

Langley, BC
Noise control assessment for noise problems in existing hotel.


CN Rail Main Line

Kamloops, BC
Design and execution of a major investigation of community complaints regarding building vibration and damage resulting from double-tracking of heavily used railroad through a residential area. The study included a social survey of the affected area, detailed vibration measurements throughout the community, and participation in public hearings.


Granville Square

Vancouver, BC
Analysis of effectiveness for train induced vibrations of elastomeric building vibration isolation system separating the railway from a high rise office tower with footings straddling the tracks.

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Baseline Noise Monitoring, Cadna/A Noise Modelling, Construction Noise Monitoring, Construction Vibration Monitoring, Environmental Noise Impact Assessment, Noise Mitigation Design, Post-Construction Monitoring