Acoustical Experience: Research Facilities

About This Project

Buildings designed for research and development work will often contain lecture theatres and libraries which require good room acoustics, research offices and labs which must be adequately protected from noise generated in adjacent spaces and from workshops or even pilot plants. Noise from building HVAC & electrical equipment must also be controlled to provide an acceptable acoustic environment for the building occupants and the surrounding neighbourhood. Many specialized research and analytical facilities will contain electron microscopes and other sensitive instrumentation which demands special vibration isolation design for floor slabs and instrument mountings.


BKL is well experienced in the acoustical design of such facilities having worked on the following notable projects:


  • Technology and Science Complex Modules 1 and 2, SFU
    Vancouver, BC
  • Institute for Computing, Information & Cognitive System, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
  • Cardiome Pharma
    Vancouver, BC
  • Institute for Plant Health
    Saanich, BC
  • Discovery Park Multi-Tenant Building
    Burnaby, BC
  • Forintek Western Research Facility, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
  • Ballard Research
    Vancouver, BC
  • Westport Innovations
    Vancouver, BC
  • QLT Phototherapeutics
    Vancouver, BC
  • False Creek Research Park
    Vancouver, BC
  • Abgenix-Pharma Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
  • Powertech Labs. Inc.
    Surrey, BC
  • Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
  • Acute Care Hospital Research Wing, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
  • Alberta Research Council Facilities
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • Institute of Ocean Sciences
    Sidney, BC
  • Agriculture Canada Research Centre
    Summerland, BC
  • University of Saskatchewan Agricultural Building
    Saskatoon, SK
  • Department of Fisheries Laboratory
    West Vancouver, BC
  • Forestry Sciences Building, UBC
    Vancouver, BC
  • Lab Building for the University of Northern BC
    Prince George
  • Disease Control Centre Canada
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • National Research Council/Institute for Machinery Research, UBC
    Vancouver, BC

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