Acoustical Experience: Guideline and Policy Development

About This Project

We have worked with all levels of government to provide advice on building acoustics and environmental noise and vibration criteria and assessment. Our experience includes reviewing existing regulations, engaging with stakeholders, developing new regulations and supporting documentation, and presenting to councils.


BC Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government
Review of Acoustics and Speech Privacy Standards

We performed technical reviews and updates of acoustical standards for BC government offices and correctional facilities and presented our findings in reports to government staff.



Acoustical Guideline

To supplement BCIT’s existing technical standards, we developed an acoustical guideline that set minimum standards for sound isolation, background noise control, and reverberation control to ensure the school’s spaces featured ideal acoustics for education.


Vancouver Parks Board
Acoustics Standards Development and Test Case
We consulted on updated acoustical standards for Parks Board facilities including community centres, gyms, ice rinks, pool, childcare facilities, and arts and cultural centres. Our standards accounted for site-specific acoustical constraints and included specific requirements for acoustically unique locales like ice rinks and pools. We also set up a test case at one community centre, where we visited staff and compared on-site measurements to the revised standards.


City of Richmond
Noise Control Bylaw Development

We consulted on a full rewrite of Richmond’s noise control bylaw, including rationale for change. We presented at council meetings and hearings, as well as business and community stakeholder meetings. We also surveyed the public, attended an open house, and applied the new bylaw to existing noise complaint scenarios. To support City staff, we developed a guidance manual and trained bylaw officers.



City of Vancouver
Entertainment Zone Noise Criteria Development
We developed noise criteria for new residential developments in the Northeast False Creek Entertainment District in Downtown Vancouver. For this project we developed additional language for the noise bylaw, attended council hearings, reviewed associated acoustic reports submitted by developers, and developed a commissioning procedure to determine compliance.


District of North Vancouver
Noise Control Guideline for Homeowners

To address potential disturbances caused by noise from heat pumps and other exterior mechanical equipment, the District hired us to develop acoustical guidelines for homeowners. The guidelines advised on equipment location, noise rating, and available noise control options.


Metro Vancouver
Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment Guidelines

We developed a guideline for Metro Vancouver, which includes 21 municipalities and one First Nation), to advise on how and when to assess construction-related noise and vibration. The document addresses management strategies, risk evaluation guidance, and best practices for assessing and reporting on noise and vibration.


Port of Vancouver
Noise and Nuisance Management and Monitoring Plans

In partnership with the Port’s environment and communications staff, we developed two comprehensive guidelines — a noise monitoring plan and noise management plan — to help the Port manage noise within its four major trade areas. Our scope included in-person interviews with Port tenants to better understand Port operations and constraints.


Township of Langley
Noise Control Bylaw Review

We performed a detailed review of proposed revisions to the Township’s noise control bylaw and provided training to bylaw enforcement staff about the revised bylaw and the use of instrumentation, including sound level meters.



Environmental Noise and Vibration Guidelines for New Development

We developed interim guidelines to assess the environmental impacts of SkyTrain and other transportation and industrial noise and vibration at properties slated for new noise- and vibration-sensitive developments. We worked with TransLink to conduct workshops with five municipalities and create a detailed report outlining applicable projects, appropriate noise criteria, and standards for conducting noise and vibration assessments.


Event Noise Guidelines

To understand and mitigate event noise at three venues on UBC’s Vancouver campus, we developed a code of practice that outlined noise management plans and objective noise limits. To develop the code, we conducted background noise surveys and event noise measurements at each location.


Aircraft Noise Sensitive Development Policy

Concerned with potential noise exposure at nearby residential, commercial, and educational land uses, YVR hired us to create guidelines for developers and builders to limit the effects of aircraft noise on their properties.

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