Case Study: Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre

About This Project

When the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre opened in Surrey, BC, in June 2011, it was the first facility of its kind in the province. The centre combines over 50 services — day surgeries; biopsy procedures; urology services; and X-ray, CT, and MRI scans — as well as dedicated clinics for breast health, HIV/ AIDS, and anticoagulation management. The four-storey, state-of-the-art facility was built exclusively for outpatients, and helps ease congestion at nearby Surrey Memorial Hospital.


The Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre is recognized for its diverse services, patient-centred design, and reduced carbon footprint. During the original design and construction phases of the facility, which was completed as a public-private partnership, we joined the BC Healthcare Solutions team and provided acoustical design services. The facility is certified LEED Gold, and earned a LEED point for its acoustics.


Scope of Services

For the original design and construction, we provided a comprehensive list of target criteria for acoustics, which served as guidance for all decisions that could impact acoustics. We evaluated the impacts of traffic noise and made recommendations to upgrade the building envelope sound isolation performance. In addition, we assessed noise from the emergency generators and provided suggestions for sound isolated enclosures.


Throughout the facility, we conducted a comprehensive review of the sound isolation requirements and consulted on partition construction, door and seal selection, penetration details for mechanical and electrical services, and more. Our acousticians calculated reverberation times in the main lobby, waiting areas, and other spaces, and used these calculations to inform recommendations for sound absorbing treatment to control reverberation.


Other acoustical highlights include the following:

  • Silencers to control noise transmission from the air-handling units were installed with excellent results.
  • Isolation for mechanical and electrical equipment reduced vibration to levels lower than required by the MRI manufacturer.
  • No-media silencers were recommended for the operating rooms.


Furthermore, our acoustical team attended design meetings, reviewed shop drawings, and carried out site visits to check that our recommendations had been applied correctly. During these visits, we tested noise, vibration, reverberation, and sound isolation, and confirmed compliance with the project criteria. To support the centre’s LEED certification, we prepared and submitted all the necessary documentation, including a detailed report.



In 2018, the facility received funding to add a second MRI machine. We were hired to consult on acoustics for this project. First, we assessed construction noise and vibration, and reviewed the construction contractor’s noise and vibration plan, and the effectiveness of control measures.


We also evaluated room acoustics for the new MRI space and made recommendations for noise and vibration criteria. We conducted a site visit to assess the existing MRI room and ensure the acoustics met criteria, and made recommendations to improve the noise control for both MRI spaces.


Project Name:

Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre

Year Completed:


Capital Cost:

$237 million

Total Area:

188,000 square feet

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