Case Study: Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre

About This Project

BKL joined the BC Healthcare Solutions team for this Public Private Partnership (P3) project. The project involved designing and constructing a new four-storey 188,000 sqft facility, the first in BC to bring together more than 50 services and programs, including day surgery, exclusively for outpatients.


The result was a comprehensive list of target criteria for acoustics which served as guidance for all decisions that had an impact on acoustics. Work was done to evaluate the traffic noise impact to the building and recommendations were made to upgrade the building envelope sound isolation performance accordingly. Noise from the emergency generators was evaluated and recommendations for sound isolated enclosures were provided. We did a comprehensive review of the sound isolation requirements and provided input for partition construction, door and seal selection, penetration details for mechanical and electrical services, etc. Calculations for reverberation time in the main lobby, waiting areas, and other spaces were conducted and sound absorbing treatment was recommended to control reverberation.


We attended design meetings, reviewed shop drawings and carried out site visits to inspect and confirm the correct implementation of our recommendations. We tested noise, vibration, reverberation, sound isolation and confirmed compliance with the project criteria. We prepared and submitted a narrative and all the supporting documentation for IDc1 LEED point.




  • LEED point IDc1 for our acoustical design of this healthcare facility was accepted by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).
  • Silencers were installed to control noise transmission from the air-handling units with excellent results.
  • No-media silencers were recommended for the operating rooms.
  • Sound absorptive treatment was recommended and installed in the lobby and waiting areas to control reverberation and loudness.
  • Acoustically rated enclosures were recommended and installed for the emergency generators.
  • Vibration levels due to mechanical and electrical equipment were reduced through vibration isolation to levels lower than those required by the MRI manufacturer.
  • The project was completed on schedule and budget.


In the end, our efforts helped to build a successful project with an end product that stands out among similar venues.

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