Case Study: SFU Technology and Science Complex 2 (TASC2)

About This Project

Located at the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU), the Technology and Science Complex 2 (TASC2) was built to meet the needs of multiple research programs across a variety of disciplines including biochemistry, health, chemistry, materials sciences, nanotechnology, computer science, math, kinesiology, and more.


The complex was completed on a fast-track design-construction program, and it features wet/dry laboratory space, clean rooms, offices, classrooms, an audio recording studio, and microscope and laser research suites, which required vibration-free floating floors. Ultimately, TASC2 was designed to be modular, flexible, highly energy efficient, and adaptable to future technologies.


Scope of services

In partnership with Chernoff Thompson Architects and general contractor Stuart Olson Inc., BKL provided comprehensive acoustical consulting services. BKL acousticians


  • identified target acoustical criteria to guide all decisions that could impact the building’s acoustics;
  • evaluated the indoor acoustical environment;
  • reviewed the sound isolation requirements and provided input for partition construction, door and seal selection, penetration details for mechanical and electrical services, etc.;
  • conducted calculations for reverberation time in the main lobby, waiting areas, and other spaces; and
  • recommended sound absorbing treatment to control reverberation.

BKL also reviewed and designed noise and vibration control measures for the mechanical systems, including air-handling units, as well as the electrical and plumbing services.


Specialist acoustical consultants and engineers attended design meetings, reviewed shop drawings, and carried out site visits to inspect and confirm the correct implementation of the recommendations. BKL tested noise, vibration, reverberation, sound isolation, and confirmed compliance with the project criteria.


Project highlights


  • Silencers were installed to control noise transmission from the air-handling units with excellent results.
  • No-media silencers were recommended for the operating rooms.
  • Sound absorptive treatment was recommended and installed in the lobby and waiting areas to control reverberation and loudness.
  • Acoustically rated enclosures were recommended and installed for the emergency generators.
  • Vibration levels from mechanical and electrical equipment were reduced through vibration isolation to levels lower than those required by the ASHRAE guidelines.

Despite the many challenges of constructing a complex building on a fast-track schedule, the project was completed on time and on budget. BKL acousticians worked hard to ensure that TASC2 has great acoustics; they considered the building’s diverse activities, many of which are potentially noise-sensitive, set appropriate acoustical criteria, and made recommendations to suit the facility’s various uses.



Year Completed:


Capital Cost:

$62.1 million

Total Area:

136,420 square feet

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