BKL Brings Music to the Ears of Audiences and Performers

BKL Brings Music to the Ears of Audiences and Performers

Evidence of BKL’s leadership in acoustics can be found in live performance venues across Western Canada. For example, BKL consulted on the design of one of Metro Vancouver’s busiest performance halls, the Michael J Fox Theatre, in the early 1990s. While initial budget limitations prevented the theatre from installing top-of-the-line acoustic treatments when it opened in 1993, a long-term commitment to fundraising has helped the 613-seat theatre continually improve the acoustic quality of its music, theatre and dance performances.

Recently, BKL consulted on the design of an acoustical canopy over the stage at the Michael J Fox Theatre that has improved listening conditions and sound quality for both performers and audiences. This “acoustic cloud” comprises 30 high-density polycarbonate panels floating above choirs and orchestras, redirecting sound that was otherwise swallowed by the hall’s five-storey ceiling. The cloud is fully retractable and its curved panels can be adjusted to reflect sound according to the needs of each performance.

“I am happy to say that the new acoustical panels have made a dramatic improvement,” says Roger Cole, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra in an interview in the theatre’s newsletter. “The woodwinds and brass at the rear of the stage now project into the hall. The onstage acoustics are also much better because it is easier for the musicians to hear each other. The entire sound of the hall feels more vibrant. [The panels] also look very impressive.”

BKL has the knowledge and experience to provide customized acoustic design solutions for any performance hall project, whether it’s a new theatre or an upgrade to an existing hall.

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