Long-Term Measurements: Because noise and vibration don’t keep banker’s hours

long term measurements-construction noise and vibration

Long-Term Measurements: Because noise and vibration don’t keep banker’s hours

Environmental noise and vibration can rankle at any hour. From first light (we’re looking at you, songbirds) to the stroke of midnight and beyond, noise and vibration can disrupt sleep, work, study—or simply irritate regular folks trying to live in peace.

In some scenarios, a one-off measurement doesn’t provide enough information to properly analyze the source or fully understand that noise’s or vibration’s effect on people or wildlife. We see this all the time when investigating complaints. In fact, most criteria for assessing noise and vibration considers both the level and how often the event occurs. And if the event is intermittent or seems random, a short-term measurement might miss it entirely.

Latest Instruments for Long-Term Monitoring

At BKL, we recognize the value of conducting long-term measurements of noise and vibration, and have invested in the latest instrumentation: advanced sound and vibration monitors equipped for wireless communication and long-term surveys. With these tools, we can collect enough data to inform our analysis, even on projects with multi-year durations or remote study areas.

Sound Level Meters

For conducting long-term remote noise monitoring, we use ACOEM’s 01dB Duo Class 1 sound level meters. DUO simultaneously records decibel levels and audio files, and features an onboard modem that connects to WIFI networks or cellular data, so our acousticians can configure and review real-time values via a web browser.

We use DUOs to conduct remote long-term measurements, where a 24-7 sample is necessary to capture every noise event—or a single random event. We can set up the DUO in the field and configure it to send SMS alerts and/or gather data continuously, depending on the scenario. And since we have four DUOs, we can run more than one study simultaneously.

For example, if residents complain about intermittent loading activity noise from a nearby warehouse, we can set up unattended noise meters at their homes, record and analyze the data, listen to audio files, and identify which noises exceed the criteria established by local bylaws or international standards.

Vibration Monitors

For measuring vibration, we use Syscom’s MR3000C geophone. Like the DUO, the MR3000C has a built-in modem, and we can connect several geophones to each other or to an existing WIFI network. BKL owns 13 MR3000Cs, so we can gather and map vibration data at multiple locations for more than one project.

For example, if owners are concerned about building damage from pile driving, we can deploy one or more geophones at the potentially affected buildings, and have an automatic email alert sent to the construction manager and owners as soon as vibration levels go above a warning threshold. If vibration exceeds damage thresholds, the MR3000C will send a second email alert.

Long-Term Noise and Vibration Monitoring Projects

We can also deploy both noise and vibration instruments together on a single project to remotely conduct long-term monitoring of construction noise and vibration at sensitive locations.

One example is the new Teck Acute Centre at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. BKL monitored noise and vibration while the existing buildings were demolished and continued to keep watch during construction of the new building.

With an array of interconnected instruments (nine vibration monitors and two sound meters), we gathered and observed data, compiled weekly reports, and summarized every noise and vibration event exceeding defined thresholds.

To ensure our instruments would function independently, we set up our own WIFI network including modems, routers, and access points.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about long-term noise and vibration monitoring, contact us today. With the latest instruments and 15+ noise and vibration specialists on staff, we are equipped to monitor and assess noise and vibration for any project, including those that require long-term, remote monitoring.

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