Co-op Q & A: Takeaways From an 8 Month Term in Acoustics

Co-op Q & A: Takeaways From an 8 Month Term in Acoustics

Since last September, David Nguyen has been working a co-op term here at BKL. As David’s co-op nears its completion at the end of April, we checked in with him to learn about his experience at BKL and some of the challenges and successes he’s encountered over the past few months.


What are you studying? How far along are you?

I am studying mechanical engineering at UBC, and I am planning to specialize in thermofluids. I am in my third-year and expect to graduate in 2022.

Why did you apply to BKL?

I thought working in acoustics would align with my field of study and benefit my future academic career. I have found courses in fluid mechanics, vibration of mechanical systems, and systems and control very interesting, and I wanted to get real world-experience in these areas. Looking at BKL’s portfolio, I knew that BKL would be able to offer me diverse experiences. Plus BKL’s team is made up of people from all over the world—with a lot of experience they are willing to share.

What’s the best part about working as a co-op student at BKL?

Working closely with the project consultants and coordinating with engineers to plan and deploy field equipment to measure noise and vibration levels.

What’s unique about doing a co-op term at BKL?

BKL provides opportunities for co-op students to be involved in projects of different sizes, from major public infrastructure, like the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project, to small apartment units. I got hands-on experience conducting measurements, predicting future noise levels, and working closely with project consultants to assess noise and vibration and provide advice on how to improve the acoustical environment.

What has your experience been like as a co-op student during COVID-19?

Adapting to working from home was a little challenging for me, but everyone at BKL is very supportive, and they ensured I had all the tools to succeed and stay safe during my co-op. I also really enjoy socializing with everyone outside of work. BKL’s social committee organized an online game night and other gatherings that I enjoyed.

What are some important skills that BKL co-op students should have?

Good at problem-solving and learning new software and hardware, strong technical communication skills, and most importantly time management.


Thank you, David! We’ve really appreciated having you on our team and we wish you all the best as you complete your co-op term and continue your studies.

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