Industrial Sites

Acoustical Advice for Industry

At many industrial facilities, the constant racket of working machinery is a sign that business is good. To some, the noise of whirring saws, rumbling conveyors, and droning fans might even sound like a symphony of productivity. At the same time, these noises have significant potential to negatively affect workers and the surrounding community.


By measuring and evaluating noise and vibration, and designing controls, we can analyze and mitigate the impacts of industrial noise at your facility and in the surrounding environment. Whether you operate a sawmill, power station, terminal facility, or concrete plant, we can provide baseline measurements, 3-D modelling, community assessments, and other acoustical consulting services—all to international standards. At BKL, we work closely with you, and can make recommendations to limit noise impacts from your new project, site upgrade, or existing facility.


Read the case studies and experience pages below to learn more about our international experience measuring, analyzing, and consulting on industrial noise and vibration.