Sports and Recreation

Acoustical Advice for Sports Arenas, Recreation Centres, Pools, and More

At BKL, we provide acoustical design services for sports and recreation facilities of all sizes, from local arenas and leisure pools to professional sporting and concert venues with the capacity to seat thousands. With well-designed acoustics, a facility can successfully host concert and musical performances, sporting events, and more, all while ensuring good speech intelligibility over public address systems.


In addition, controlling noise and vibration from mechanical and electrical equipment limits ambient noise levels, and mitigating exterior noise from fans and cooling towers helps a venue stay on good terms with its neighbours.


Swimming pools pose a distinct acoustical challenge: Flat surfaces and open space create a reverberant environment, yet most acoustical treatment designed to counter reverberation doesn’t hold up in damp locations. In the past, we have worked with clients to design successful project-specific solutions for these issues and more.


Read the case studies below to learn more about our acoustical consulting on sports and recreation facilities.