Acoustical Advice for Mines

While mines are often located in remote areas, noise from blasting, heavy extraction and processing equipment, and road, rail, and air traffic can travel several kilometres. This means communities, campsites, traditional land uses, and even wildlife can be affected by mining noise. And since mines operate 24-7-365, understanding and controlling that noise can be essential.


At BKL, we have experience providing acoustical consulting on both new mining projects and existing operations. For new mines, we’ve conducted environmental noise and vibration assessments that include detailed 3-D models for predicting construction and operations noise. For existing sites, we’ve assessed noise and vibration impacts on communities and the environment, and delivered recommendations for effective, site-specific noise and vibration mitigation.


From the Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories to the Agua Rica mine in Argentina, our team has consulted on mining projects across the Western Hemisphere. We have the knowledge, experience, software, and instrumentation to accurately assess almost any mining noise and vibration source and provide solutions that accord to international standards and criteria.


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