Water and Waste

Acoustical Advice for Water and Waste Pump Houses and Treatment Facilities

Water and waste treatment and pump facilities can make a lot of noise and vibration, often around the clock. When it occurs near residential areas, this noise and vibration can foster annoyance and incite complaints. What’s more, pump houses and treatment plants can be busy workplaces. With that in mind, it’s essential to understand the acoustics at these facilities and provide sufficient noise control and vibration isolation, for the safety of workers and the comfort of nearby residents.


At BKL, we have a lot of history consulting on acoustics for pump and treatment stations. Through the years, our team of acoustical engineers has worked on a variety of water and waste infrastructure, measuring and analyzing noise and vibration on new projects and refits, as well as investigating workplace and bylaw compliance.


Read more about these projects in the case studies below and learn about the acoustical problems we’ve helped solve at water and waste facilities throughout the Lower Mainland and BC.