Ports and Marine

Acoustical Advice for Ports and Shipbuilders

Ports and Port Tenants

From back-up alarms and blower fans to rail squeal and truck traffic, port-related noise can be a nuisance to neighbouring communities and port tenants. At BKL, we have consulted on a variety of noise and vibrations issues for the Port of Vancouver and its tenants. We understand the challenges of assessing and managing disparate noise and vibration sources to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.


Ships, Boats, and Other Marine Vessels

Good shipboard acoustics are essential to successful ship design; limiting onboard noise creates a safer environment for crews and a more comfortable setting for passengers.


We have worked with naval architects from coast to coast and around the world, consulting on ship acoustics for dozens of ships including ferries, fishing boats, tugboats, submarines, and military, research, and rescue vessels.


Check out the case studies below to learn more about our experience consulting on port and marine noise and vibration.